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The Silent Bullet

Arthur B. Reeve

Book Overview: 

This book contains twelve of Professor Kennedy's adventures. The interesting thing about these stories is Kennedy uses newly discovered science from his time period, which we take for granted today. The first story, The Silent Bullet, has everyone wondering how a bullet could kill someone with no noise. Today, silencers on guns are commonplace in movies and on TV. Or as in "The Deadly Tube" featuring the story of a doctor causing his patients much harm with evil x-rays, or the development of the gyroscope for airplanes in "The Terror in the Air".

Each story features a fascinating look at life in the early 20th century, and even includes some action along the way.

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Book Excerpt: 
. . . station-agent reluctantly yielded; especially as a small green banknote figured in the transaction. Craig and I tenderly lifted the big bottles in their cases into our trap and drove back to our rooms in the hotel. It quite excited the hangers-on to see us drive up with a lot of empty five-gallon bottles and carry them up-stairs, but I had long ago given up having any fear of public opinion in carrying out anything Craig wanted.

In our room we worked far into the night. Craig carefully swabbed out the bottom and sides of each bottle by inserting a little piece of cotton on the end of a long wire. Then he squeezed the water out of the cotton swab on small glass slides coated with agar-agar, or Japanese seaweed, a medium in which germ-cultures multiply rapidly. He put the slides away in a little oven with an alcohol-lamp which he had brought along, leaving them to remain overnight at blood heat.

I had noticed all this time that he was very particular . . . Read More

Community Reviews

Professor Craig Kennedy and his friend Jamerson solve some of the most difficult of cases employing a range of scientific methodologies...more

It was alright.

From the Library of Congress come the Adventures of Craig Kennedy, Scientific Detective. This particular novel features 12 separate stories showing Kennedy's use of new advances in crime solving.

These historical mysteries are fun to read and show us how far we've come in forensic science.

Dodd, Mead

The stories aren’t too bad but Thorndyke’s like a cardboard cut-out
Took me 2 weeks to get through the stories

Silent Bullet is a series of short stories by Arthur Reeves that focuses on two roommates: Walter Jameson, the first-person narrator, and Craig Kennedy, the main detective. Jameson is a newspaper reporter, and Kennedy a professor of chemistry at Columbia University. The two have a repartee a bit lik

A math and science lesson

Like Sherlock Holmes, a series of lessons against committing crime. Different from Sherlock Holmes, these stories include a science lesson and tools well advanced for times.
A fun walk thru the use of science as a crime solving tool. Calling it an interesting read is a sever

Did not realise that this was basically a collection of short stories linked by a couple of main characters. Because of this format, there is no time for developing the characters involved in each of the mysteries and therefore no opportunity for me to care about the outcome.

However, I particularly

Kraig Kennedy, the hero of this book, was touted as America’s answer to Sherlock Holmes back in the 1920s. The short stories in this collection or all puzzle style mysteries such as locked rooms or messages that disappear. The stories are a lot of fun, even if some of the science sounds a little rid

Arthur Benjamin Reeves collections of detective short stories, the protagonist is Craig Kennedy. Craig was professor of chemistry and his friend Walter is the staff of The Star (newspaper) the story is told form the perspective of Walter.

1. The Silent Bullet
2. The Scientific Cracksman
3. The Bacterio

This is a fun collection of mystery short stories. Craig Kennedy has been called the American Sherlock Holmes by some, and his methods of solving crimes are certainly intriguing, but unlike the exploits of Holmes they have lost much of their intrigue with the passage of time. It's been over a centur

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