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The Shunned House

H. P. Lovecraft

Book Overview: 

A posthumous story of immense power, written by a master of weird fiction—a tale of a revolting horror in the cellar of an old house in New England.

Recommended for fans of Stephen King, Clive Barker and Dean Koontz.

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Book Excerpt: 
. . .ke on all manner of gruesome imaginative associations.

The doctor was a bachelor; a white-haired, clean-shaven, old-fashioned gentleman, and a local historian of note, who had often broken a lance with such controversial guardians of tradition as Sidney S. Rider and Thomas W. Bicknell. He lived with one man-servant in a Georgian homestead with knocker and iron-railed steps, balanced eerily on the steep ascent of North Court Street beside the ancient brick court and colony house where his grandfather—a cousin of that celebrated privateersman, Captain Whipple, who burnt His Majesty's armed schooner Gaspee in 1772—had voted in the legislature on May 4, 1776, for the independence of the Rhode Island Colony. Around him in the damp, low-ceiled library with the musty white panelling, heavy carved overmantel and small-paned, vine-shaded windows, were the relics and records of his ancient family, among which were many dubious allusions to the shunne. . . Read More

Community Reviews

Più che un horror lo definirei un paranormal. Potrebbe essere che per l'epoca potesse essere già terrificante, ma onestamente, pensando ad alcuni racconti di Poe che turbarono la mia adolescenza, c'era già chi aveva un'immaginazione più fervida e votata all'horror.
La prosa è scorrevole per es...more

In this story you will do some research together with the first person narrator why the dilapidated house in Benefit Street is shunned and regarded as uncanny. You will hear everything about the families who lived there, come to know, that Poe walked by this house and in the second section of thi...more

Errrr ... yep okay this one is weird.

At first it just seemed like another eerie, atmospheric tale about a spooky old house, but then there was the conjecture about what was causing this house to be so evil and ... well, let's just say that it won me over in the end.

It took its time getting to t...more

Welcome to the Shunned House!


135 Benefit Street. Providence, Rhode Island. Its a real house that you can find even nowdays (2017) at the said address, and its the scenario of this really spooky tale, that H.P. Lovecraft knew well since his aunt lived there for...more

This novelette was written by the young H.P. Lovecraft around the same time as The Rats in the Walls (1924), and published, likewise, in an issue of Weird Tales. There is a significant similarity of inspiration between these two tales: here too, there is a decrepit old house, foul smells, obscene...more

Not Lovecraft's best and probably mostly of interest to fans only, but still, this early work contains some nuggets of the delicious fright-writing he would become known for. By the end of The Shunned House I was riveted to the narrative. Lovecraft rewards those with the patience to stick with th...more

This is my first read by Lovecraft, and I can now say it certainly will not be my last. I realise it's just a short story, but it is the only Lovecraft work, I could physically get my hands on at this moment.
The style of his writing is most exquisite, although, I didn't think the actual plot flow...more

Written in October of 1924, "The Shunned House" is not only Lovecraft's best early novella but also one of the two watershed works which mark his transition to the themes and style of his mature period. As such, it is not only a pleasure to read but also an important work for anyone who is intere...more

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The Shunned House is a story of centuries old curse hanging over the house at 135 Benefit Street, Providence. Something horrible happened in the late 1600s and since then no child has ever been born in the house.
The narrator tells a story of his childhood curiosity that later became almost an ob...more

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