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The Shield

Book Overview: 

This is not merely a book about the Russian Jews. It is a marvelous revelation of the Russian soul. It shows not only that the overwhelming majority of the Russian intellectuals, including nearly all of her brilliant literary geniuses, are opposed to the persecution of the Jews or any other race, but that they have a capacity for sympathy and understanding of humanity unequaled in any other land. I do not know of any book where the genius and heart of Russia is better displayed. Not only her leading litterateurs but also her leading statesmen and economists are represented—and all of them speak as with a single voice.

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Book Excerpt: 
. . .rs consider, as a psychical type, higher and more beautiful than the Russian.

I think that the judgment of these thinkers is correct. To my mind, Jews are more European than the Russians are, because of their strongly developed feeling of respect for work and man, if not for any other reason. I admire the spiritual steadfastness of the Jewish nation, its manly idealisms, its [8]unconquerable faith in the victory of good over evil, in the possibility of happiness on earth.

The Jews—mankind's old, strong leaven,—have always exalted its spirit, bringing into the world restless, noble ideas, goading men to embark on a search for finer values.

All men are equal; the soil—is no one's, it is God's; man has the right and the power to resist his fate, and we may stand up even against God,—all this is written in the Jewish Bible, one of the world's best books. And the commandment of love for one's neighbour is also an ancient Jewi. . . Read More

Community Reviews

I couldn't put it down. Don't start it late at night.

Pretty okay. I hate to say that many faith-based thrillers pull their punches and are a lower caliber of quality than their secular counterparts. Although I would have preferred an alternative ending to this one, it was a personal preference. The quality of the book is good and it was a good balance

THE WITNESS was very good - hard to put down at times. I liked the mix of mystery and romance, although the romance part was extremely predictable. The "Christian Fiction" category is a bit misleading - it's not Christian Fiction in the same sense as Karen Kingsbury or Janette Oke. Henderson's chara

A Christian romance mystery suspense novel...what could go wrong there?
Amy is running from her past and someone who wants her dead. Luke, the chief of police who fell for her instantly and has had a torch for her for years, finally meets up with her again when her sisters inherit a large...I mean hu

Dee Henderson has done it once again. This "can't-put-the-book-down" thriller has a strong storyline and well developed characters. The 7 main characters: three closely bonded sisters, their romantic interests, and their cousin are creatively crafted. The story line hooks you from page 1 with numero

Those who loved her O'Malley series, will find this nearly equal in quality. It is intense, draws your attention from the first page, and makes you keep reading. I really enjoyed this!!

What I liked:
-The first chapter. WOW! It pulls you in right away. I had a hard time putting it down after that.

I have read two other series of Dee Henderson's and have enjoyed her immensely because she, like Francine Rivers, came to Christian fiction from secular writing. So her stories always manage to stay further away from the sappy kind of Christian stuff that can be out there. Plus Henderson is super in

I must admit this is the first Dee Henderson book I've read so I didn't know what to expect. I bought it because it was said to be a Christian romance thriller. It begins with a bang and I couldn't put the book down for the first quarter or so. Then, it seems to go into slow motion for the next fift

I really liked this book. Although it is listed as a romance, I felt the romance was more low-key. The inspiration aspects were even more low-key, but still definitely there. To me, the more major aspect of the book was the suspense, and that kept me wanting to know what would happen next.

I was really unsure of this book after reading some of the reviews. I had gotten into the O'Malley series and loved the True Heroes series. So I gave it a shot and I'm glad I did. I liked the character development in this book and feel that it is probably the first book of a new series. I think Ms.

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