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She and Allan

Henry Rider Haggard

Book Overview: 

H Rider Haggard’s “She and Allan”, is a gripping adventure about Allan Quatermain, who together with Hans, the Hottentot and, the Zulu-Chief Omslopogaas and at the bidding of the old Witch Doctor Zikali seeks out Ayesha, the daughter of Isis to find answers to their questions about life and death, and their many, sometimes strange, Adventures on their way.

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Book Excerpt: 
. . .But, man, will you ever return? They say there are queer folk living on the other side of the Zambesi, savage men who are cannibals, Amahagger I think they call them. It was they who in past years cleaned out all this country, except a few river tribes who live in floating huts or on islands among the reeds, and that's why it is so empty. But this happened long ago, much before my time, and I don't suppose they will ever cross the river again."

"If I might ask, what brought you here, Captain?" I said, for the point was one on which I felt curious.

"That which brings most men to wild places, Mr. Quatermain—trouble. If you want to know, I had a misfortune and piled up my ship. There were some lives lost and, rightly or wrongly, I got the sack. Then I started as a trader in a God-forsaken hole named Chinde, one of the Zambesi mouths, you know, and did very well, as we Scotchmen have a way of doing.

"There I married a Portuguese lady, . . . Read More

Community Reviews

শী অ্যান্ড অ্যালান বইটিকে "শী" সিরিজের প্রিক্যুয়েল বলা চলে। "শী" এবং "রিটার্ন অভ শী" তে বর্ণিত জন্ম-জন্মান্তরের কাহিনী কেন ঘটেছে তার ব্যাখ্যা আছে এই বইটিতে।

অ্যালান কোয়াটারমেইন রাতের অতন্দ্র প্রহরী নামে পরিচিত সেই বিখ্যাত ভ্রমণকারী আর এডভেঞ্চাচারার। হোরেস হলি আর লিও যখন অপরূপা নারীর রহস্য উন্মোচন

This is the story where H. Rider Haggard put his two heroes, Allan Quatermain and Ayesha, together. It is a long tale and very wordy. The action is good when you get to it, but it is a little stifled. I found myself wishing that it would get going at parts.

Allan quartermaine series is actually pretty good...very much detail and jumpy in places but kind of exciting to for books written in what the early 1900s!?

Совместить всех героев Хаггарда в одновременно существующей реальности невозможно. Конечно, речь не касается подобия американской фантастики в лице Филипа Фармера, умевшего подобное сочетать в измышленном им загробном мире. Но Хаггард к такой мысли не обращался, оставляя сюжетную канву в рамках допу

It is a somewhat grumpy Allan the reader encounters in She and Allan, a novel that brings together Haggard's two most enduring characters, Allan Quatermain and the ethereal Ayesha. Despite the promise such a meeting might inspire, Haggard failed to produce anything near the quality of his earlier wo

a prequel to SHE and Ayesha. Allen Q'main wants to know if its possible to communicate with the dead. A lot of adventures, but when Allan meets She, he doesnt believe in anything she shows him and in the end teaches him a lesson.
There are many references to other novels by Haggard like Nada the Lil

It was fate that Haggard's two most popular characters would meet (or, more accurately, clash) in an adventure novel set in the familiar central African city of Kor. "She and Allan" is, in many respects, typical Haggard: there is a massive hunting scene, desperate treks through the wilderness, an im

Interesting story.

Published in 1921, She and Allan brings together Haggard's two most popular characters: Allan Quatermain and Ayesha. Allan seeks out Ayesha, through the encouragement of the witch doctor Zikali, in hopes of finding answers about dead loved ones. He becomes involved in the rescue attempt of a young P

If SHE AND ALLAN were my first H. Rider Haggard novel, I would have enjoyed it a good deal more. It's a good book, but almost everything in it is a variation on other stuff Haggard had written. The end result is entertaining enough, but feels predictable and rote.
The most interesting thing about SHE

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