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The Seventh Man

Max Brand

Book Overview: 

The Seventh Man by Max Brand, tells part of the story of the larger-than-life western character, Dan Barry, known as “Whistling Dan,” and his alter-ego companions, Black Bart, the wolf-dog, and Satan, the indomitable black stallion. It’s also the story of Kate Cumberland and the incredible five-year-old daughter of Kate and Dan, Joan. We first see Dan as a gentle, caring man with a deep sense of fairness. But then, after six years of a peaceful life in their mountain cabin Dan, more feral than human, sets out to revenge an injustice by killing seven men. Ultimately, it is his devotion to his daughter and Kate’s love for the child that brings about the climax of the tale.

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Book Excerpt: 
. . .They managed it between them, for he was weaker than he thought and when he was padded into position with cushions she laid the tray across his knees. His head swam at sight of it. Forty-eight hours of fasting had sharpened his appetite, and the loaded tray whetted a razor edge, for a great bowl of broth steamed forth an exquisite fragrance on one side and beside it she lifted a napkin to let him peek at a slice of venison steak. Then there was butter, yellow as the gold for which he had been digging all winter, and real cream for his coffee—a whole pitcher of it—and snowy bread. Best of all, she did not stay to embarrass him with her watching while he ate, since above all things in the world a hungry man hates observation when the board is spread.

Afterwards, consuming sleep rippled over him from his feet to his eyes to his brain. He partially roused when the tray was removed, and the pillows slipped from under his back, but with a vague understandi. . . Read More

Community Reviews

One of Brands best.

I beg to differ with those who say his books aren't literature. His writing is so poetic in nature that you feel an easy flow of the story as he transitions from person to person and scene to scene. If Dan were living in this day and age he would be considered a social deviant and

Okay - I love this book. Yes it's a simple western, but I love the way the characters are developed. They are bigger than life. The story is unique. This is a book I have never forgotten since I first read it. I look for copies in every used book store I wander into. Book 3 in a series, but can stan

Very interesting Western without the usual stark contrast between the good guys and the bad guys. Max Brand uses typical western story themes and situations to pull the reader in and then twists things around to write a treatise on relationship psychology, true love, and real courage. I think this o

I read my first novel by Max Brand about 60 years ago.

Ironically, it was an Berry's Daughter. It remains one of my favorite books. What a surprise to discover who Dan Berry was. I enjoyed this story almost as much.


There is only one word that comes to mind as I finished this story what a amazing story teller this author was.I have read several of his books and enjoyed them all but so far this is the best yet. As you read you can visibly see each character in your mind and picture the beautiful horse an

Whistling Dan, his daughter, and his wife Kate are the humans. Bart the wolf, and Satan the horse are the animals.
He kills seven men (doesn't get Greg, he ends up dying himself), all over a horse.
He didn't like the horse getting shot at.
Fran calling her father "Daddy Dan', and slapping the wolf and

Third in a series. Took me back to the days when western were everywhere in the both the small and large screens.

Very good read

The author captures the wild days of the West where the instinct of men becomes savage as the wild animals. Well written Mr Brand s description of the area makes the book come alive.

Great Book.

I like the first two books in this series better ("The Untamed" and "The Night Horseman"), mostly because the ending of this was not what I had hoped for, most of the story was one long chase scene, and (view spoiler)[ an important person in his life gave up on him because he wouldn't change to be who he wasn't. (hide spoiler)]

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