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Seven Wives and Seven Prisons

L.A. Abbott

Book Overview: 

This work the author claims is indeed a true story of how he happened to be married seven times to seven different women and the rollicking, hilarious events that led (or stumbled) to the marriages and the disassembling of each said marriage which happened oftentimes to land him in prison. The work becomes a very tongue-in-cheek diatribe of his obsessive zeal in ‘marrying the right one’, but is also the mirthful chronicle of said author’s very unconventional adventures.

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Book Excerpt: 
. . .Belvidere. That beautiful August night had very few charms for us. It would have been different indeed if I had succeeded in securing my Sarah; and to think of having the prize in my very grasp, and the losing all!

We reached the hotel in Belvidere at about half-past two o'clock in the morning, wearied, worn, bruised and disheartened. My man had not suffered nearly as severely as I had; the bulk of their blows fell upon me, and I had the sorest body and the worst looking face I had ever exhibited. I rested one day and then hurried on to New York. Of course, I had no means of knowing the feelings or condition of the loved girl from whom I had been so suddenly and so violently parted. I only learned from an Easton man whom I knew and whom I met in the city, that "Sarah Scheimer was sick"—that was all; the man said he did'nt know the family very well, but he had heard that Miss Scheimer had been "out of her head, if not downright crazy."

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Community Reviews

Unlike the vast majority of the 19th Century novels that inevitably describe a love at first sight that grows to a long and happy life of matrimonial bliss, this story tells the other side. The illogical first scenario is as unreasonable as this second and I can only assume that the truth lies somew

Pretty good and easy going read. I had some good laughs.

This man could be my relative. I have a full genealogy and will need to check. The story is told in the form and fashion of life in the era of the 1850-1870s. Multiple marriages, frequent travel, business done by word of mouth, and relationships forged by the appearance and trust of a story. Althoug

that was crazy

Great read from the past

Really enjoyed this story. Even written long ago, it was somewhat still relevant to current days and times. He finally learned his lesson in the end, and got hus reward.

I read this book because I discovered from a family member who does genealogy for our family that the Sara in the book who runs away to marry Mr. Abbott and had a child with him, was my great, great grandmother on my Mother's side of the family. I wanted to hate this Mr, Abbott, as he has been prese

I found this story most interesting. It grabbed my attention at the beginning and kept me up late at night. Reading about love and marriage from the point of a man running from the law back in the 1800's was a very unique story line for me. I recommend this book to everyone, there is no sex so nothi

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