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Sentiment, Inc.

Poul William Anderson

Book Overview: 

The way we feel about another person, or about objects, is often bound up in associations that have no direct connection with the person or object at all. Often, what we call a "change of heart" comes about sheerly from a change in the many associations which make up our present viewpoint. Now, suppose that these associations could be altered artificially, at the option of the person who was in charge of the process

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Book Excerpt: 
. . .rists and ankles—just like the hot squat—and a big thing like a beauty-parlor hair-drier over my head. Then he fiddled with his dials for awhile, making notes. Then he started saying words at me, and showing me pictures. Some of them were very pretty; some ugly; some funny; some downright horrible.... Anyway, that's all there was to it. After a couple of hours he gave me a check for a hundred dollars and told me to come back tomorrow."

"Hm." Fraser rubbed his chin. "Apparently he was measuring the electric rhythms corresponding to pleasure and dislike. I'd no idea anybody'd made an encephalograph that accurate."

"Well," said Judy, "I've told you why we're celebrating. Now come on, the regular orchestra's tuning up. Let's dance."

They had a rather wonderful evening. Afterward Fraser lay awake for a long time, not wanting to lose a state of happiness in sleep. He considered sleep a hideous waste of time: if he lived to be ninety, he'd. . . Read More

Community Reviews

Sentiment, Inc. is a Poul Anderson short story published in 1953 when the author was only 27. If I did not know better, I would have guessed that it was an early Philip K. Dick story, dealing as it does with subtle mind control and paranoia. A good story, but one on which Anderson would build upon,

This story gets in to the ethics of mind control, a popular trope for science fiction. Is it wrong if no real harm is done? If only a little harm is done, which can be compensated for to the person done the harm, but it serves the greater good? Now that would be a real dilemma, worthy of a story.


A chilling look at psychiatry.

Very thin story about a man trying to save his family.

Caso não seja mais que óbvio, como sempre, as estrelas são para gosto pessoal não qualidade. Ou seja, sendo honesto a narrativa tem a qualidade de um 3 sem sombras de dúvida e tenho a certeza que na altura que foi escrito teria muito mais impacto, mas tendo já gramado com estória deste género e "afl

I have no memory of listening to this book...and I'm not trying to be witty when I write that. I can't remember the story at all.

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