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Poul William Anderson

Book Overview: 

“Security”, tells the story of a compartmentalized government physicist ordered by secret police to complete experiments aimed at developing a new weapon. He is brought to a hidden space station and put in charge of the project but there are many questions. In a world of spies watching spies it’s sometimes hard to know what’s patriotic.

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Book Excerpt: 
. . . you return, you'll be told exactly how your double spent the summer, and you'll resume your ordinary life."

"Ummm—well—" It was too sudden. Lancaster had to hedge. "But look—I'll be supposedly coming back from an outdoor vacation, with a suntan and well rested. Somebody's going to get suspicious."

"There'll be sun lamps where you're going, my friend. And I think the chance to work independently on something that really interests you will prove every bit as restful to your nerves as a summer's travel. I know the scientific mentality." Berg chuckled. "Yes, indeed."

The exchange went off so smoothly that it was robbed of all melodrama, though Lancaster had an unexpectedly eerie moment when he confronted his double. It was his own face that looked at him, there in the impersonal hotel room, himself framed against blowing curtains and darkness of night. Then Berg gestured him to follow and they went down a cor. . . Read More

Community Reviews

A solid book on security, covering many aspects - threat modelling, vulnerability analysis, enforcement, assurance/certification, with a heavy focus on the economic interests of the various principles involved in security, both electronic and physical. The book is very readable; the stuff with scary

This book took me four weeks to read, but it is fantastic. Just like what the two security engineers said.

"Security Engineering is different from any other kind of programming...if you're even thinking of doing any security engineering, you need to read this book." -Bruce Schneier

"This is the best

An impressive technical book that looks at security in all its forms (physical, computer based, social) and shows you the various ways security can be implemented and compromised.

This book also shows you why security should never be a 'by-the-way' or implemented after the fact but must be considered

Conversationally written but OLD. Very outdated as far as some of the examples (the author referred to Windows Vista as the latest Windows version).
Concepts for the most part hold true but the book is old if you want something with up to date information and statistics.

Good reference text to keep around

I enjoyed the book and there was moments I couldn't stop reading. however, I think it was vague sometimes, but despite the fact, I can't tell if it was the author's mistake. The topic is hard, it is about deception, understanding it, and find a way to defend against it. if something is easy to under

This is the penultimate book about InfoSec. A friend once said, "look, the app I'm making has nothing to do with security. It's for turning on lights." When their little program turned into a doorway for a nasty hackathon, they realized that all apps and api can be a doorway. So, I always recommend

Good book even though it is 10 year old. There are a lot of case of study but it is useless if you know nothing about information security. The book is not a guide to building a dependable system but rather a guide to system failures

I will do my best to recommend this book to anyone involved in IT. Despite being last updated 8 years ago almost every prediction about security engineering still holds true today. This isn't a technical how-to book to build distributed systems but teaches you the principles while entertaining you w

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