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The Secret Sharer

Joseph Conrad

Book Overview: 

A young untested ship captain finds a man named Leggatt clinging to the side of his ship. The Captain makes the unusual decision to hide Leggatt in his quarters. What is he thinking? Conrad will tell us.

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Book Excerpt: 
. . .In a moment he had concealed his damp body in a sleeping suit of the same gray-stripe pattern as the one I was wearing and followed me like my double on the poop. Together we moved right aft, barefooted, silent.

"What is it?" I asked in a deadened voice, taking the lighted lamp out of the binnacle, and raising it to his face.

"An ugly business."

He had rather regular features; a good mouth; light eyes under somewhat heavy, dark eyebrows; a smooth, square forehead; no growth on his cheeks; a small, brown mustache, and a well-shaped, round chin. His expression was concentrated, meditative, under the inspecting light of the lamp I held up to his face; such as a man thinking hard in solitude might wear. My sleeping suit was just right for his size. A well-knit young fellow of twenty-five at most. He caught his lower lip with the edge of white, even teeth.

"Yes," I said, replacing the lamp in the binnacle. The warm, heavy tropical . . . Read More

Community Reviews

I LOVE JOSEPH CONRAD. I don't even know... there's just something about his writing that makes my brain happy.

I generally hate seafaring stories, but his are so much more than that. There's so much depth to his writing, and so much insight into the human psyche. Also, I have yet to read an author w

I had a really hard time with this book, even though it wasn't very long. First of all, the constant use of quotation mark (it's a frame story) annoyed me. In addition, the prose wasn't particularly awesome. Sure, there were a couple passages that were memorable, but, on the whole, I wasn't impresse

Heart Of Darkness didn’t live up to the hype for me. I got far more out of a study of the themes, background, and historical significance than I did out of an enjoyment on the first read. There were quite a few outstanding lines, but the narrative is maudlin and slow. I’m sure it was very progressiv

Reading Joseph Conrad can be likened to enjoying a very fine old cognac, savouring every drop of it... and while it can also be sort of intoxicating, it ultimately makes you more sober instead of drunk; more lucid rather than muddled.. This is especially true of Heart of Darkness, because here Conra

The horror! The horror!

I never understood exactly why this book has been termed a classic and why we still torture school children with it.

I'm trying to give this book the most fair/neutral rating I can give, which is a 2.5/5. Both of the stories in here are pretty meh, IMHO, especially heart of Darkness. I've heard plenty about it, but the actual read, especially the ending, was a major letdown. The Secret Sharer is better, though. Bo

The Secret Sharer should get more attention than it does. Short but very compelling story.

Joseph Conrad makes me think of a Edgar Allen Poe on serotonin re-uptake inhibitors. (Although he is said to have attempted suicide in his late teens so he couldn't have been all that jolly) Most say his writing is dark but I find it funny. Bless my soul! By jove!

What makes me think of Poe is the na

This book didn't do anything for me. I clearly missed something, but I don't care enough to find out what.

Just fantastic. Not that anything less from Conrad was expected. But regard for something special should never be taken for granted, nor should it be deprived of its appropriate kudos when time allows.

Masterful narrative. Better than average characters. An amazing story of a place that time may alw

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