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The Secret Power

Marie Corelli

Book Overview: 

This Marie Corelli novel falls in the realm of fantasy and science fiction with a steampunk element. The story centers around Morgana Royal, a powerful woman who invents an airship, and Roger Seaton, her love interest who has control of a destructive power. She explores her capacity to love, as well as his. Moreover, she questions whether she is of this world and this time, or some other realm altogether.

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Book Excerpt: 
. . .This beautiful 'palazzo,' in one of the loveliest places in the world—all the delicious flowers running down in garlands to the very shore of the sea-and liberty to enjoy life as one wishes to enjoy it, without hindrance or argument—without even the hindrance and argument of—love!" She laughed, and gave a mirthful upward glance at the Marchese's somewhat sullen countenance. "Come and have luncheon with me! You are the major-domo for the present—you have engaged the servants and you know the run of the house—you must show me everything and tell me everything! I have quite a nice chaperone—such a dear old English lady 'of title' as they say in the 'Morning Post'—so it's all quite right and proper—only she doesn't know a word of Italian and very little French. But that's quite British you know!"

She passed, smiling, into the house, and he followed.


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Community Reviews

Trippy 1920s metaphysical Catholic science fiction. There's altogether too much of people standing around saying clever things to each other, but it's worth reading, partly because the author was apparently an amazing person in her own right, and partly for the technology. One character eats a littl

অনতিদূরের কাহিনীনির্ভর মিথ (পিত্তলনগরী) ও কল্পবিজ্ঞানের (রূপোলী ঈগল) মিশেলে একটি সুন্দর গল্প। এটা বোধহয় আমার অতিচিন্তাশীলতা, যে আমি কিছু পরিচিতের ছায়া খুঁজে পেয়েছি, ফলতঃ এ কাহিনী আমায় কিছুটা হলেও নাড়িয়ে দিয়ে গেছে। শুরুটা সামান্য গতি হারানো, অবশ্য তাতে লেখিকার কি দোষ! তাঁর আমলে এইভাবেই দেখি গল

“Upon my word!" he exclaimed—"I am making a nice fool of myself! Actually wasting time on a woman. Go home, Manella, go home! If you are wise you won't stop here another minute! See now! You are full of curiosity—all women are! You want to know why I stay up here in this hill cabin by myself instead