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Secret Adversary

Agatha Christie

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Book Excerpt: 
. . .London streets? In a main road he might hope to create the illusion that he was merely running for a bus. But in these obscure aristocratic byways he could not but feel that an officious policeman might stop him to explain matters.

At this juncture in his thoughts a taxi with flag erect turned the corner of the street ahead. Tommy held his breath. Would they hail it?

He drew a sigh of relief as they allowed it to pass unchallenged. Their course was a zigzag one designed to bring them as quickly as possible to Oxford Street. When at length they turned into it, proceeding in an easterly direction, Tommy slightly increased his pace. Little by little he gained upon them. On the crowded pavement there was little chance of his attracting their notice, and he was anxious if possible to catch a word or two of their conversation. In this he was completely foiled; they spoke low and the din of the traffic drowned their voices effectually.

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Community Reviews

The first book of the Tommy & Tuppence series is not a murder-mystery. It is rather a thriller involving secret documents, spies, and secret criminal organizations. I've read many Agatha Christies - more murder mysteries than thrillers - and I've enjoyed her more in her "whodunnits" than in her thri

I must admit, I don't think I have ever read a Tommy and Tuppence novel despite reading Agatha Christie's books for 50 years (gosh that sounds scary, where has the time gone ? ). That said I have seen a number of T & T episodes on TV with various combinations of actors/actresses. But even so, I did

العدو السري او العدو الخفي
ثاني رواية ألفتها ملكة البوليسية اجاثا كريستي في عشرينيات القرن الماضي ..

في إطار ممتع ومشوق تظهر لنا اول رواية في سلسلة روايات (تومي وتوبينس) للنور واول رواية تجميع بين هاتين الشخصيتين الشابتين الجامعتين لطيش الشباب والفضول والذكاء

تومي وتوبينس اصدقاء قديمان ..

EXCERPT: It was 2 pm on the afternoon of May 7, 1915. The Lusitania had been struck by two torpedoes in succession and was sinking rapidly, while the boats were being launched with all possible speed. The women and children were being lined up awaiting their turn. Some still clung desperately to hus

It was Agatha Christie's second book and the first one featuring Tommy and Tuppence.Unlike the later books,where they are middle aged and then old,here they are young and not yet married.

It was quite a contrast reading this soon after Postern of Fate,Christie's last book and the last adventure of th

I've already read many Agatha Christie's books and I like almost everything from her. But this was one of the weakest Agatha's Christie's books that I ever read. But it's okay, this was only the second book that she wrote, and she was not as mature, confident and inspired as a writer.

Secret Adversary is the first Tommy & Tuppence novel.

I'm not going to claim that it's great, but it was entertaining. And Christie managed to make me think I
who the hell dunnit, only to jerk the rug out from underneath me...again. <--to be fair, that's kind of her thing, you know?

IT was 2 p.m. on the afternoon of May 7, 1915. The Lusitania had been struck by two torpedoes in succession and was sinking rapidly, while the boats were being launched with all possible speed.

This is still one of the most intriguing Agatha Christie opening lines I have read (another can be found in

“Don't be offended because I think you're young. Youth is a failing only too easily outgrown.”

I am willing to bet anything that Tommy and Tuppence are the two cutest wannabe detectives in the panorama of spy fiction in its entirety.
Yes, spy fiction: I dove into this expecting a crime story, instea

I am hosting an Agatha Christie Readathon on my blog in April 2018 where we are reading one of her books each week. The first book up, The Secret Adversary, is the initial entry in the Tommy & Tuppence cozy mystery series she's written. Although I've read a bunch of her novels, I hadn't read anythin

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