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Second Thoughts of an Idle Fellow

Jerome K. Jerome

Book Overview: 

A second volume of humorous essays on various subjects, following the success of Idle thoughts Of An Idle Fellow.

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Book Excerpt: 
. . .That was the best thing I myself ever got out of egg-boxes—that picture of a deceitful son stealthily washing himself upon the floor behind the bed, trembling at every footstep lest it might be the "old boy" coming to the door.

One wonders whether the Ten Commandments are so all-sufficient as we good folk deem them—whether the eleventh is not worth the whole pack of them: "that ye love one another" with just a common-place, human, practical love. Could not the other ten be comfortably stowed away into a corner of that! One is inclined, in one's anarchic moments, to agree with Louis Stevenson, that to be amiable and cheerful is a good religion for a work-a-day world. We are so busy NOT killing, NOT stealing, NOT coveting our neighbour's wife, we have not time to be even just to one another for the little while we are together here. Need we be so cocksure that our present list of virtues and vices is the only possibly correct and complete one? Is the . . . Read More

Community Reviews

I think Jerome K. Jerome (curious name) is somewhat misrepresented as a humour author. His essays are certainly readable, and there's frequent humour ("He listened to me in rapt ecstasy. I might have been music.") but he's often capable of serious thoughtful comments about our habits and society...more

A heady mixture of laughter and life truths.. JKJ manages to give advice with a laugh, without sounding too preachy ..

Leggere Jerome è bellissimo perché:
a. sembra di intrattenersi in una simpatica conversazione con l'autore
b. è divertentissimo
c. sotto la comicità traspaiono sempre riflessioni e consigli di vita.

A difficult book to read. The author tries to replicate the pacing and humour of his other books, especially "Three Men in a Boat" and is generally unsuccessful. He tries hard and parts of the book flow well, and are very humorous, but overall I could only digest the book in very small pieces. I...more

Very mild fun. Good just before sleep reading! Turn of the 20th cent. newspaper writing with more sentimentality than humor. Deservedly less well known than the 3 Men books. I think there's another collection after this one. Don't think I'll search it out.

I found this book to be tiresome, and a mere shadow of the it's fore-runner. I was quite unable to find any usefull purpose for this book. It was not fit, even to read as a way to put myself to sleep, as I found myself pushing ever onward, to find the end, so as to be done with this book. I find...more

I really enjoy Jerome's writing. I did not enjoy this one as much as Three Men in a Boat but it was still a pleasure to read.


I'm in love. I mean, I was before, anyway, after reading "Three Men in a Boat". Then "Idle Thoughts of an Idle Gentlemen" really cemented my adoration of this man. "Second Thoughts" is just icing on an increasingly potent, mature and tasty cake. These "Thoughts" titles have not the laugh-out-loud...more

A humorous book yet philosophical with the truths of life that we ordinary people shy away from such as mollycoddling babies, cats-dogs to inane proportions, value of things we take for granted, the melancholiness of being in the blues because we choose to be so etc.

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