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The Second Jungle Book

Rudyard Kipling

Book Overview: 

Kipling shows his love of the sub continent and its people and understanding of their beliefs in these tales. An older Mowgli roams the jungle with his old friends and investigates the ways of his people, a Prime Minister becomes wandering holy man, scavengers tell their tale and we leave India for the far,far north of Canada.

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Book Excerpt: 
. . .LETTING IN THE JUNGLE Veil them, cover them, wall them round— Blossom, and creeper, and weed— Let us forget the sight and the sound, The smell and the touch of the breed! Fat black ash by the altar-stone, Here is the white-foot rain, And the does bring forth in the fields unsown, And none shall affright them again; And the blind walls crumble, unknown, o'erthrown And none shall inhabit again!

You will remember that after Mowgli had pinned Shere Khan's hide to the Council Rock, he told as many as were left of the Seeonee Pack that henceforward he would hunt in the Jungle alone; and the four children of Mother and Father Wolf said that they would hunt with him. But it is not easy to change one's life all in a minute—particularly in the Jungle. The first thing Mowgli did, when the disorderly Pack had slunk off, was to go to the home-cave, and sleep for a day and a night. T. . . Read More

Community Reviews

I LOVED this book. These stories helped me escape the pain when I was recovering from surgery; however, I am bothered by the imperialism that runs beneath these tales. Some of my favorite stories were the ones that didn’t have Mowgli. I really liked the white seal, the mongoose, and the dogs of the

I haven't read The Jungle Books as a child. I was somewhat familiar with the story and characters through cartoons and movies based on it, but the book turned out to be quite different. I liked this one more than I expected.

- It's a collection of short stories that are loosely connected or not conn

I've reread this book so many times. It was, for most of my adolescent life, the ultimate masterpiece by an English author.

I'm always puzzled by the fact that movie adaptations diverge from the books. So they know better than Kipling, don't they?

My favorite story is Red Dog. What a great, grandiose

This was a Jepheny/Mah Fah buddy read that we went into with great excitement and enthusiasm – “Can’t Wait!” “So looking forward to this!!” “I’ve had this on my shelves forever, let’s get started!!!” Woo Hoo!!!!!

Alas, it was on the disappointing side. The hope was to get the original take on these s


Once again, I'm struck by the savagery that resonates throughout Kipling's writing. It would be so easy to think of The Jungle Book in a more Disney-fied light: talking animals, singing, the rhythmic cadences of a fairy tale or lullaby. But overarching all that is the ever-present reminder that

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Ich kannte Das Dschungelbuch bisher nur von dem Disney Zeichentrickfilm und war daher ganz überrascht, dass es sich nicht um einen Roman, sondern um eine Sammlung von Kurzgeschichten handelt. Dabei sind nur knapp die Hälfte der Geschichten aus den beiden

My new favourite.
Incredible. 10/10
So much thought and imagination.
Animal lover forever.
Everything made sense, the laws of the jungle.
Can't rememeber the last time i read something so amazing and unique.
I dont cry reading books but this nearly got me at the end.

My Mom bought me The Jungle Book from her school and for years I didn't read it.

Not until the summers of 2015 came and I promised myself that I'm going to complete that years' Goodreads' challenge. After reading the book, I remembered the days I used to watch the animated version on TV.

Everything w

Whilst I think it is important to note and be aware of Rudyard Kipling’s acknowledged support for imperialism and colonialism when reading any of his works – these aren’t themes which I found to be particularly evident let alone prevalent throughout this book. Whilst we may find his politics distast

2.5 Stars

I liked some stories more than others. The first few were my favorite and then I got bored. Half read, half listened to on audio b/c it seemed every time I picked it up, I fell asleep.

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