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Search the Sky

Frederik Pohl

Book Overview: 

Ross was a junior trader on Halsey's Planet, and had great prospects but was not happy at all. Everything smelled of decay. The whole planet seemed to be slowly disappearing, the population dwindling month by month and year by year and yet no one seemd to care or even notice. Something was very, very wrong. When the first interstellar transport in 30 years arrived on Halsey's Planet, it brought things to a head. The ship had touched on six other colony worlds - and all six had been devoid of human life. Where was everybody? It was almost as if humankind, when separated by cosmic distances from Mother Earth, could not survive. He didn't know the answer but he knew it all smelled highly of decay. Decay and Rot.

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Book Excerpt: 
. . .The auctioneer took a long, slow swallow of water, his eyes gleaming above the glass at the audience. Theatrically he tossed the glass to an assistant, smacked his hands together and grinned. “Well,” he boomed genially, “I don’t have to tell you gentlemen that somebody’s going to get rich tonight. Who knows—maybe it’ll be you? But you can’t make money without spending money, so without any further ado, let’s get started. I have here,” he rapped out briskly, “Item Number One. Now you don’t know and I don’t know exactly what Item Number One contains, but I can tell you this, they wouldn’t have sent it two hundred and thirty-one lights if they didn’t think it was worth something. Let’s get this started with a rush, folks, and I mean with a big bid to get in the right mood. After all, the more you spend here the less you have to pay in taxes,” he laughed. “You ready? H. . . Read More

Community Reviews

When I'm in the mood for science fiction, I don't usually go in for the humorous or parodic sort, but I must say I was really tickled by this novel. Set in the far future when Earth has lost track of its many colonies (and they with each other), an ordinary man gets drawn into a great adventure, in

Quite a decent piece of SF satire, set (roughly) in the same universe as
The Marching Morons
. I liked the planet with the gerontocracy. The hero gets to participate in an election: they wheel out the candidates, all of whom are over 100 and with tubes coming out of their noses. With great fanfar

Pocitovo standardna 50's sci fi. Z 54ho.

Klise (ale v dobe pisania mozno este neboli tieto klise tak silne ako su dnes):
Hlavny hrdina cestuje po roznych planetach aby nasiel vysvetlenie upadku komunikacie v galaxii.
-prva planeta sa znicila vo vojne
-na druhej planete vladnu geronti, ktori zotrocuju ml

I was pleasantly surprised by this sci-fi nod to Gulliver’s Travels in which the authors gleefully blast holes in post-industrial capitalism, mutually assured destruction, the generation gap, the patriarchy, religious fanaticism, the post-singularity nanny state, and eugenics. Amazingly “woke” for 1

review of
Frederik Pohl & C. M. Kornbluth's Search the Sky
by tENTATIVELY, a cONVENIENCE - December 28, 2011

Reading this is my idea of a good time. I was most reminded of Gulliver's Travels - a journey to various extraordinary societies, each an exaggeration for satire's sake. A businessman on "Hal

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