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The Seagull

Anton Pavlovich Chekhov

Book Overview: 

The Seagull is the first of what are generally considered to be the four major plays by the Russian dramatist Anton Chekhov. It dramatizes the romantic and artistic conflicts between four characters: the ingenue Nina, the fading leading lady Irina Arkadina, her son the experimental playwright Konstantin Treplyov, and the famous middlebrow story writer Trigorin.

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Book Excerpt: 
. . .Sirius himself shall fall to dust. Until that hour, oh, horror! horror! horror! [A pause. Two glowing red points are seen shining across the lake] Satan, my mighty foe, advances; I see his dread and lurid eyes.

ARKADINA. I smell sulphur. Is that done on purpose?


ARKADINA. Oh, I see; that is part of the effect.


NINA. He longs for man—

PAULINA. [To DORN] You have taken off your hat again! Put it on, you will catch cold.

ARKADINA. The doctor has taken off his hat to Satan father of eternal matter—

TREPLIEFF. [Loudly and angrily] Enough of this! There's an end to the performance. Down with the curtain!

ARKADINA. Why, what are you so angry about?

TREPLIEFF. [Stamping his foot] The curtain; down with it! [The curtain falls] Excuse me, I forgot that only a chosen few might write plays or act them. I have infringed the mon. . . Read More

Community Reviews

I just noticed this is my 100th review. Or perhaps it is my 98th if you only count the sober ones (unless of course you’re using the Alex method, in which case I’ve only written two reviews because it’s only the drunken ones that count), and so I shall allow myself in light of this occasion to blath

3 1/2 stars. Some keen observations on writers and writing, and actors and acting.

A group of self -loathing, pity -seeking people of four women, six men in a large Russian country estate with a nearby beautiful lake to swim or fish in, plenty of room to take walks in a tranquil, lovely setting ... the outdoors such a change from city noise during the late nineteenth century may r

رغم تسرب بعض الملل و الإحساس بأنها قصة تقليدية عن الحب و عبثية الحياة الا ان الحوار المصيرى الأخير بين تريبليف و نينا يضع بعد فلسفى للمسرحية جعلنى اعيد قراءة اجزاء كبيرة منها بعين اخرى
عبقرى انت يا تشيكوف فقد تركت تركة عظيمة لن تنساها البشرية أبدا



طوال قراأتي لفصول هذه المسرحية وانا يخطر على ذهني اغنية المبدع المظلوم الفنان محمد بن علي بأغنيته الرائعة والتي مطلعها:

عادة سيئة فينا .. نحب اللي يجافينا
واللي حبنا ننساه ... لو هو ميت فينا

ممثله كبيرة في السن متصابية تحب ان يحيط بها المعجبون والمديح وتحب كاتبا شهيرا اناني ضعيف الشخصية.
ابنها يحاول ان

My first play of Chekhov.....After reading it peacefully on my library desk... I am going to watch it tonight. I'll try to write my opinion on it!
After my reading of his stories, some of my GR friends had suggested I try his plays. I earnestly obeyed them with this first play of Ch

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