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Sea and Sardinia

D. H. Lawrence

Book Overview: 

A travel book describing a journey taken by Lawrence and his wife Frieda (whom he refers to as the Queen Bee) by sea from Sicily to Sardinia and then in the interior of that island

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Book Excerpt: 
. . .r money so thick upon the air that one breathes it like some greasy fog. Behind this greasy fog some people may still see the Italian sun. I find it hard work. Through this murk of Liras you peer at Michael Angelo and at Botticelli and the rest, and see them all as through a glass, darkly. For heavy around you is Italy's after-the-war atmosphere, darkly pressing you, squeezing you, milling you into dirty paper notes. King Harry was lucky that they only wanted to coin him into gold. Italy wants to mill you into filthy paper Liras.

Another head—and a black alpaca jacket and a serviette this time—to tell us coffee is ready. Not before it is time, too. We go down into the subterranean state-room and sit on the screw-pin chairs, while the ship does the slide-and-slope trot under us, and we drink a couple of cups of coffee-and-milk, and eat a piece of bread and butter. At least one of the[Pg 59] innumerable members of the crew gives me one cup, then cas. . . Read More

Community Reviews

Not the most compelling narrative as far as travel writing goes. Lawrence's writing is fantastic, and he makes some very interesting observations about the people and politics of Sardinia. But he has a tendency to ramble and repeat himself quite a bit, which made it a very slow read.

After reading this well written, quotable, but uneventful travelogue by D.H. Lawrence, I find myself wondering why British people travel. Here is Lawrence, 60 years before Paul Theroux (who I thought held the tittle of "Crankiest Travel Writer"), setting out on a whirlwind tour of Sardinia, and c...more

It's in his travel books that the real D.H. Lawrence reveals himself, and while his three books about traveling in Italy are almost a century old now, they hold up very well.
Naturally the writing is lovely, the descriptions wonderful. Has anyone have ever wielded a more sensitive or poetic pen o...more

One doesn't think of him as such, but D.H. Lawrence is a natural-born travel writer. His Sea and Sardinia is a joy throughout. It starts slow as he works his way north to the interior of the island via third-class rail with his wife Frieda (whom he refers to as Queen Bee or, more frequently, q-b)...more

Me compré este libro con motivo de un improvisado viaje a Cerdeña. Buscando guías para hacer excursiones lo encontré. Me pareció interesante la idea de leer el libro de Lawrence sobre su viaje relámpago a la isla -6 días- que coincidía exactamente con la duración del mío.

Comparto en parte las crí...more

I really really liked this book! As a Sardinian I enjoyed to read the (accurate) descriptions of the places I know, it's been very interesting to read how Lawrence portrayed the city where I live.
In particular, I liked the way he described those aspects of ordinary life typical of a Sardinia whi...more

I read this after having visited Italy several times, studied the language for years, and spent two months travelling around Sardinia this summer. The book was interesting for seeing how much some things have changed since a century ago and, even more, how little others have. The public transport...more

Timeless. Loved this book! I also had the pleasure of reading a very old copy from the library - worn leather, cut pages, deep musty smell of old books that transported me. What an amazing journey.

I am a great fan of Corsica, but I have never visited its close neighbour Sardinia, so it was with great interest that I lighted on D.H. Lawrence's account of his visit a few years after World War I. I was a bit disappointed. I wasn't expecting a conventional travelogue, but in fact Lawrence and...more

I liked this book very much. Lawrence paints an extremely vivid picture of rural Italy on the eve of industrialization. You can almost see him with his backpack at the train stations, in a pensione, etc. A very natural manner of expression; conversational almost.

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