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The Scouts of Stonewall

Joseph A. Altsheler

Book Overview: 

In this third book of Joseph Altsheler's Civil War series, Harry Kenton, a lieutenant in the Southern Army, is on scout patrol in the Shenandoah Valley. He has attracted the notice of the great General Stonewall Jackson after his regiment, the Invincibles of South Carolina, suffered great losses at the Battle of Bull Run. As the war continues, Harry meets each challenge that he faces with his close friends and fellow warriors.

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Book Excerpt: 
. . .Harry, he rode back along the lines, giving a word of praise here and two words of rebuke there. They came at last to an entire brigade, halted by the roadside, some of the men leaning against an old rail fence.

Jackson looked at the men and his face darkened. It was his own Stonewall Brigade, the one of which he was so proud, and which he had led in person into the war. Their commander was standing beside a tree, and riding up to him he demanded fiercely:

"What is the meaning of this? Why have you stopped?"

"I ordered a stop of a little while for the men to cook their rations," replied General Garnett.

Jackson's face darkened yet further, and the blue eyes were menacing.

"There is no time for that," he said sharply.

"But the men can't go any farther without them. It's impossible."

"I never found anything impossible with this brigade."

Jackson shot forth the words as if they were so m. . . Read More

Community Reviews

Story of the American civil war told from the southern side. To be honest I just didn't see the appeal of Stonewall Jackson he was described as a military genius who inspired tremendous loyalty amongst his troops but he came across as arrogrant, uncaring and demanding of his men. Not allowed food or

Even as an adult this was a fun read, despite being, like most adolescent books of this genre, decidedly formulaic. Sadly it, too, serves to inculcate boys with the notion that honor and glory is to be found readily in war. In the case of this book, just in time for the next one (WWI).

The formula i

My copy is by Amereon House with 352 pages. This edition was limited to 300 copies. Acquired at Goshen Library Friends Booksale.
Finished today & am looking forward to Altsheler's other works. I have at least one.

The language was very flowery. The book most of the time described battle scenarios and what was happening in the war. The characters surrounding the protagonist seemed more interesting than the main character himself. It wasn't the most thrilling book but it was a decent read and a good book for if

This book is for young teenagers and is part of a series of books that tell the story of the American Civil War via historical fiction. I read this entire series when I was about 12-13 years old. I have never forgotten them as they laid the basis for a life-long interest in the Civil War. The books

If you can get by the adoration of stonewall ,the glorification of war, the repetitiveness (Hector st Hilaire for instance) and that the book is about good old boys fighting to preserve slavery then its a decent read

This is a series about one Southern soldier who is followed throughout the Civil War. I have read two books from this series so far and find them to be action packed and well written

I’m not exactly sure what motivated me to give this book 5 stars. Maybe it was the brilliant portrayal of Stonewall Jackson that reminded me so much of his portrayal in the movie Gods and Generals. Maybe it was the way of the young Lieutenant Harry Kenton who would jump up from an hour’s rest after

Interesting for the most part. I found the battle descriptions boring. Seemed to end abruptly.