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The Scarecrow of Oz

L. Frank Baum

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Book Excerpt: 
. . .Ork.

“It blew out, I guess,” shouted Cap’n Bill. “Fetch it here.”

“I can’t see where you are,” said the Ork.

So Cap’n Bill got out another candle and lighted it, and its flame enabled the Ork to fly back to them. It alighted on the edge and held out the bit of candle.

“What made it stop burning?” asked the creature.

“The wind,” said Trot. “You must be more careful, this time.”

“What’s the place like?” inquired Cap’n Bill.

« 43 »

“I don’t know, yet; but there must be a bottom to it, so I’ll try to find it.”

With this the Ork started out again and this time sank downward more slowly. Down, down, down it went, till the candle was a mere spark, and then it headed away to the left and Trot and Cap’n Bill lost all sight of it.

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Community Reviews

I like to think of this as Baum's big crossover episode. Not having read a lot of Baum outside of the Oz books, I was a little thrown off by these two characters I was clearly supposed to know already (from Baum's Sea Fairies and Sky Island it turns out) but it's easy enough to recover. Both Trot an

Decent Oz outing, but becoming quite dated. There is are recurring themes that beauty is coupled to popularity, beauty is coupled to goodness, and ugly is coupled to wickedness. Plot devices are best suited to the pre-tween crowd when the TV is broken. These later Oz books are rapidly emigrating to

This is one of the really good books in the Oz series. I quite loved it from the beginning to the end. It really could hold my attention for a whole day without any trouble. The one thing I can't understand is the title. Scarecrow doesn't make an appearance until 60% of the book is done.

The few new

I'll start with the one flaw: Too much boring stuff at the end when the main plot thread is already resolved. Baum does this a lot. I forgive him in this book because it is just so good. It never used to be a favorite of mine, but now it might be my absolutely favorite of the 9 I've read in a row.


I find myself unable to leave the magical fairyland of Oz for good. There’s always a random time when I go: “Oh, I wonder what’s happening in Oz.” And then BaM in transported there.

This time for the 9th time.

Fun Fact: after a little bit of research I discovered that even after Baum’s death the seri

I'll just say for starters that this isn't so much an Oz book as the third part of the Cap'n Bill and Trot trilogy (for the first two parts see 'The Sea Fairies' and 'Sky Island'). I didn't have a problem with this, however, as I really enjoyed the first two books featuring these characters.


I really enjoyed the back half of the book, once they got to Oz. The romantic subplot was delightful and I can always use more Orks


Cap'n Bill and Trot are the characters from the other author series. Their appearance here makes this installment a crossover. Crossover or not, the overall plot is very similar to that of the previous book. These two people were sucked in a giant whirlpool

and ended up in an unknown place. They had

lol I love these book because to the modern reader, they are so messed up. making fun of people with only 1 eye, turning people's heart to ice... I didn't love this story as much as ozma of oz but it wasn't awful.

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