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Edith Wharton

Book Overview: 

Kate Orme, shocked by the discovery of her fiance's complicity in a tragedy, and by society's willingness to overlook such transgressions, nevertheless marries him. Years later, her son faces a moral crisis similar to the one that showed her his father's moral weakness.

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Book Excerpt: 
. . .To the judge? When they're both dead? When everything is at an end? What good could that do?" he groaned.

"Everything is not at an end for you—everything is just beginning. You must clear yourself of this guilt; and there is only one way—to confess it. And you must give back the money."

This seemed to strike him as conclusive proof of her irrelevance. "I wish I had never heard of the money! But to whom would you have me give it back? I tell you she was a waif out of the gutter. I don't believe any one knew her real name—I don't believe she had one."

"She must have had a mother and father."

"Am I to devote my life to hunting for them through the slums of California? And how shall I know when I have found them? It's impossible to make you understand. I did wrong—I did horribly wrong—but that is not the way to repair it."

"What is, then?"

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Community Reviews

I am sorry to report that Sanctuary simply was not of the same stuff that made Age of Innocence and House of Mirth great.

Many have addressed the morality angle behind this book: the main character married a morally deficient man with the hope that she could correct the deficiency in their children.

Kate is happily engaged to Denis. Denis is faced with a moral dilemma and fails to act correctly (in the eyes of Kate). They marry have one child and Kate is determined her son will be of stronger ilk than his father. History repeats and the son faces his own crisis. Does nature, nurture or neither

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Having gone through an Edith Wharton phase years ago, I was totally surprised to find this little gem of a novella on a display at the public library. Not often one can read a Wharton book in a couple of hours, and less rare that the ending to the story is positive.

Kate Orme is a wealthy young woma

Nature versus nurture underlies the plot of this novella. Kate is about to be married to a wealthy, charming man. However, his morality is weak and he indirectly causes the death of a woman and her son. Kate finds this out and instead of the rose tinted glass future she see’s the reality of her marr

Hepi topu 90 sayfalık kolay okunan sıradan bir uzun öykü. Aşk, ihtiras, hırs üçgeninde dönen 1900’ler Amerika’sından bir kesit. Kafa boşaltmak için ataya sıkıştırlanilir, ama okunmaması kayıp olmaz.

Edith Wharton's writing wallows in moral struggles and societal pressures, usually about adultery and social-climbing. But she tries a different approach for the novella "Sanctuary," a story that is thought-provoking and well-written, but feels more like the outline to a full-length novel than a sto

Kate Orme, engaged to be married to Denis Peyton, discovers a dark secret and postpones the marriage. Upon reflection, she rationalizes that if she fails to marry him, he would marry some other woman who would be oblivious to his secret and thus unprepared to steel any child born to them from perpet

Do women still do this sort of thing - marry a man they suddenly find out is a very unsavory/immoral character because they want to make sure any child born to this man is raised not to be like his father? And then, once this child is all grown-up, instead of advising him what is right or wrong, sta

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