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Saint Bartholomew's Eve

G. A. Henty

Book Overview: 

Set in the days of the religious wars of Europe, St. Bartholomew’s Eve is the tale of the Huguenot’s desperate fight for freedom of worship in France. As the struggle intensifies the plot thickens, culminating in the dreadful Massacre of St. Bartholomew’s Eve. Henty, “The Boy’s Own Storyteller” weaves the life and adventures of Philip Fletcher and his cousin, Francois DeLaville, into the historical background with thrilling battles, sieges and escapes along the way (not to mention a fair damsel in distress!).

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Book Excerpt: 
. . .I see. I thought the countess would send so experienced a soldier with them, and I am proud to have such a well-appointed troop behind me. None so well armed and orderly have yet arrived. My own at present are forty strong, and have, like you, made their way across France from Poitou.

"I could not bring my Bretons," he said, turning to Francois. "The Huguenots there are but a handful among the Catholics. Happily on my estates they are good friends together, but I could not call away men from their homes, at a time like this.

"Now, Captain Montpace, I will show you where your men are to bivouac, next to my own. Then, if you will come with me to the seneschal, rations shall be served out to them. Are your horses fit for another journey?"

"They will be by tomorrow morning, Count. They have only come from this side of Briare this morning, but though the journey is not long the road is heavy. They had twenty-four hours' rest before that, which they need. . . Read More

Community Reviews

“On August 24, 1572, more than 2,000 French Huguenots - men, women, and children - were massacred for their faith.” (Audible Summary) I tried to get into this one, but three hours in (of the nearly 14 hour story) my thoughts were drifting badly so I decided to give it up. Jim Hodges is such a painfu

This was a good book. I like all the GA Henty books I have read so far.

Although a fictional story with biased views, un idealized hero, and other stereotypical roles, the novel recounts many historical events and make them interesting.

Awesome! Loved it! I first listened to the audio drama and warning for those who have only listened to it and not read it or vise versa, it is different than the audio drama. More details and some details also are different than the audio drama. But I love them both!!

A wonderful historical fiction story with amazing characters!

This might be my new favorite Henty book. The story seemed like it was going to be a slow start and Henty sometimes does drag on in areas when he is setting the scene or telling you the historical backdrop against which his story is set but the story picks up and never really slows down too much aft

Ellie listened to this audio theater adaptation and loved it!...krb 5/8/19

This book brings the Huguenot Wars to life! They were not deeply explored during my education.

It is advanced reading material, with long and varied sentence structure, and difficult vocabulary.

I learned a lot!

G.A. Henty will forever be my favorite historical author. While sometimes his books seem long-winded, I learn SO MUCH history from them. More than any other book I've read. If I need to research something, first stop is Henty's books to see if he wrote about it. If so, that's my first stop!

St. Barth

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