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Royal Children of English History

E. Nesbit

Book Overview: 

E. Nesbit writes about some of the people behind the names, dates and battles of English History in this lovely book for older children.

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Book Excerpt: 
. . .He built schools, and at University College, Oxford, there are people that will tell you that that college was founded by Alfred the Great.

He used to divide up his time very carefully, giving part to study and part to settling disputes among his people, and part to his shipbuilding and his other duties. They had no clocks and watches in those days, and he used sometimes to get so interested in his work as to forget that it was time to leave it and go on to something else, just as you do sometimes when you get so interested in a game of rounders that you forget that it is time to go on with your lessons. The idea of a clock never entered into Alfred's head, at least not a clock with wheels, and hands on its face, but he was so clever that he made a clock out of a candle. He painted rings of different colours round the candle, and when the candle had burnt down to the first ring it was half an hour gone, and when it was burnt to the next ring it was another half-h. . . Read More

Community Reviews

Argh! Why didn't I read this book before/during the week when I was in England with my 11 yr old nephew and 7 yr old niece? Sweet history of England without sugarcoating the dastardly past, chock-full of relatable stories.

Not too bad, but I didn't enjoy the nationalist elements in the stories. It's good that the stories of the old British kings were told simply (distilled for children's understanding, no doubt) but I wish the obvious brain-washing could be removed.

Quick read but nothing intriguing.

Short children's chapter book read solely on the basis of it being written by E. Nesbit. Oh, and I do love English history, especially the personal side of history rather than the military/political side. This is a hodgepodge of stories about several English princes throughout history. Nothing detai

Written by children's author extraordinaire Edith Nesbit in the heydey of Victoria's reign, this short volume features notable English kings, beginning with Alfred and ending with Henry V, with a nice sprinkling of history, folk tales, mentions of Shakespeare, and gentle didactic intended to stiffen

Meant for kids, but still interesting.