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The Rough Riders

Theodore Roosevelt

Book Overview: 

Theodore Roosevelt's personal account of The Rough Riders, the name affectionately bestowed on the 1st United States Volunteer Cavalry, one of three such regiments raised in 1898 for the Spanish-American War and the only one to see action. Roosevelt, serving first as Lt. Colonel and 2nd in command, gives a rousing depiction of the men and horses, equipment, talent, their trip to Cuba, battle strategies, losses, injuries and victories. He says: "In all the world there could be no better material for soldiers than that afforded by these grim hunters of the mountains, these wild rough riders of the plains . . accustomed to handling wild and savage horses . . to following the chase with the rifle, both for sport and as a means of livelihood . . they were hardened to life in the open, and to shifting for themselves under adverse circumstances . . My men were children of the dragon's blood, and if they had no outland foe to fight and no outlet for their vigorous and daring energy, there was always the chance of their fighting one another: but the great majority, if given the chance to do hard or dangerous work, availed themselves of it with the utmost eagerness."

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Book Excerpt: 
. . .Americans as any others. I was glad when it was decided to take him.

It was the evening of June 7th when we suddenly received orders that the expedition was to start from Port Tampa, nine miles distant by rail, at daybreak the following morning; and that if we were not aboard our transport by that time we could not go. We had no intention of getting left, and prepared at once for the scramble which was evidently about to take place. As the number and capacity of the transports were known, or ought to have been known, and as the number and size of the regiments to go were also known, the task of allotting each regiment or fraction of a regiment to its proper transport, and arranging that the regiments and the transports should meet in due order on the dock, ought not to have been difficult. However, no arrangements were made in advance; and we were allowed to shove and hustle for ourselves as best we could, on much the same principles that had govern. . . Read More

Community Reviews

Before Theodore Roosevelt became the President of the United States, he had a war experience, which was less like the soldiers in WW2 and more of a fun adventure for Roosevelt. First of all, this was probably the beginning of unnecessary wars for the United States. Each generation of American probab

An excellent, very readable book by Roosevelt. Enjoyed it thoroughly. This book is not some self-serving account by Colonel Roosevelt to advance himself. No, it is the story of one of the most colorful units in American military history, their members' backgrounds, their valor, and their adaptibilit

Teddy Roosevelt is one of my favorite presidents. In this first hand account he describes how her recruited his voluntary Rough Rider troop to fight the Spanish occupation in Cuba.

It is a grand record of times past and people past and I'm glad that we have Roosevelt's personal account of these peopl

What can I say about Mr Theodore Roosevelt that has not already been said, recorded, analyzed, and written about? This extraordinary individual died at the relatively young age of sixty, and yet it is no exaggeration to say that within those sixty years he lived three or four lives. He was known to

TR comes through more humble than I expected, more motivated to serve. He tells a stirring action tale and allows others to get credit. One can see the President who would shake up the Establishment and define the modern office.

Written from a loose frame of notes and from memory- a photographic memory at that- this book, written by Theodore Roosevelt, is phenomenal. The amount of data and detail are amazing. Expecting our 26th president to be a bit self serving, in a military campaign in Cuba that he was a major participan

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