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Ronicky Doone

Max Brand

Book Overview: 

Ronicky Doone is a hero of the west, respected by the law-abiding citizen and hated by bushwhacking bandits. Bill Gregg is a man in love, not about to be deflected from meeting his lady love for the first time, and willing to stand up to the living legend to reach her. This initial meeting leads to a friendship between the two and they travel east to New York City on the trail of the girl. When they find the girl, Caroline Smith, and she refuses to leave, Ronicky must discover the secret that holds her. They encounter the sinister John Mark and the beautiful Ruth Tolliver and are exposed to the horrors and vices of big city life as they attempt to rescue Caroline and find their way back to the mountain-desert of the west.

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Book Excerpt: 
. . .Well, sir, I'm one of that kind. So I say, there's your liquor. Get rid of it!"

The fat man reached the center table and propped himself against it, gasping. His whole big body seemed to be wilting, as though in a terrific heat. "I dunno!" he murmured. "I dunno what's got into you fellers. I tell you, I never drink."

"You lie, you fat fool!" retorted Ronicky. "Didn't I smell your breath?"

Bill Gregg dropped his own glass on the table and hurriedly came to confront his host by the side of Ronicky.

"Breath?" asked the fat man hurriedly, still gasping more and more heavily for air. "I—I may have taken a small tonic after dinner. In fact, think I did. That's all. Nothing more, I assure you. I—I have to be a sober man in my work."

"You got to make an exception this evening," said Ronicky, more fiercely than ever. "I ought to make you drink all three drinks. . . Read More

Community Reviews

Great read with Max's leading off to unexpected places with characters you come to know personally.

Max leads the reader to characters bigger than life. They come to life as people we wish we knew personally. People who deal with life by taking an active part instead of just observing as it passes by

When a stranger rides into town in a cloud of dust on a horse almost ridden to death and demands a fresh mount and directions to a nearby town, the reader settles down in his (or her) chair and prepare to enjoy a tale of the old west. This narrative is far from your typical western mainly because it

Melodramatic to the point that the dialogue is often overwrought and silly, emotionally unsatisfying, and an uneasy mixture of competent and turgid prose, this book does not have much to recommend it other than the novelty of setting most of this Western novel in New York City. Two country boys head

Though I usually always enjoy Brand's writing, the plot of Ronicky Doone veers into the somewhat fantastical territory where he sometimes liked to go, with rather exaggerated characters. There's the nearly infallible super-criminal who has a strange fascination and hold over people, and the hero who

The book was written in 1921, the communication style and culture was completely different to post modern times. It's was an entertaining book but clearly not realistic when you associate to western movies today compared to 1950's black and white films such as The Rifleman and compare that to Unforg

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