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The Romance of an Old Fool

Roswell Martin Field

Book Overview: 

A light-hearted account of a successful middle aged widower who chances to visit the small town in which he grew up to renew old acquaintances and perhaps reflect on his successes since his departure.
This visit, however, becomes far more to him than he would have imagined, as he finds that one of his dearest childhood girlfriends had died not long after his departure, and the widower envisions a relationship with none other than her daughter, who he senses to be her mother incarnate.

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Book Excerpt: 
. . .I told her how I had gone down to the city, how I had prospered, of my adventures in the world, of my marriage—dealing very gently with my relations with the late Mrs. Stanhope—of my bereavement and present idyllic existence. And she told me of herself, how she had lived on and on in the little cottage, caring only for the support and education of her niece, Phyllis Kinglake, an orphan for nearly twenty years. "You[Pg 26] remember Sylvia?" she said, with the first touch of emotion.

Did I remember Sylvia? My little fair-haired playmate with the large eyes and the blue veins showing through the delicate beauty of her face? Little Sylvia, who first won my boyish affection, and with whom I made a solemn contract of marriage when we were only seven years old? Did I not remember how I would pass her house on my way to school, and stand at the gate and whistle until she came shyly out, with her face as red as her little hood and tippet, and give me. . . Read More

Community Reviews

Mr John is 48 years old; he visits his homeland and gets attracted by a 22-year-old girl named Phyllis.
Did he get attracted to her becouse of her youth? becouse she was the orphaned child of his first love? Becouse of his biological need to get married and become a father? We dont know the more prof

Middle age and circumstances often leads people to foolish endeavors. John, a well-to-do widower, contemplates remarrying but soon sees that the only eligible mates were both old and ugly spinsters or young and empty-headed girls. This puts his future plans on hold and he busied himself with philant

An interesting story, a journey through emotions and self analysis. A lot written in few pages.


52 Book Club 2022, April Challenge: A foolish character

Sweet little romance.