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A Rogue's Life

Wilkie Collins

Book Overview: 

"The story offers the faithful reflection of a very happy time in my past life. It was written at Paris, when I had Charles Dickens for a near neighbor and a daily companion, and when my leisure hours were joyously passed with many other friends, all associated with literature and art, of whom the admirable comedian, Regnier, is now the only survivor. The revising of these pages has been to me a melancholy task. I can only hope that they may cheer the sad moments of others. The Rogue may surely claim two merits, at least, in the eyes of the new generation—he is never serious for two moments together; and he "doesn't take long to read." W. C."

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Book Excerpt: 
. . .g blackguard!" cried my amiable sister, shaking her skirts with all her might, "you have done this on purpose! Don't tell me! I know you have. What do you mean by pestering me to come to this dog-kennel of a place?" she continued, turning fiercely upon the partner of her existence and legitimate receptacle of all her superfluous wrath. "What do you mean by bringing me here, to see how you have been swindled? Yes, sir, swindled! He has no more idea of painting than you have. He has cheated you out of your money. If he was starving tomorrow he would be the last man in England to make away with himself—he is too great a wretch—he is too vicious—he is too lost to all sense of respectability—he is too much of a discredit to his family. Take me away! Give me your arm directly! I told you not to go near him from the first. This is what comes of your horrid fondness for money. Suppose Lady Malkinshaw does outlive him; suppose I do lose my legacy. What is t. . . Read More

Community Reviews

This is a charming and very readable novel written in the mid 19th century by a contemporary of Charles Darwin. Written around the time of Voltaire's Candide and Flaubert's A Sentimental Education, this novel also mixes the adventure and unexpected turns of a picaresque work with the protagonist bei

"It is a bold thing to say, but nothing will ever persuade me that Society has not a sneaking kindness for a Rogue."

I really, really enjoyed this.

The first quarter of this book was surprisingly funny. Like, I didn’t know Collins had it in him. Beyond that point, it transitions into his more typi

This is a delightful tale narrated by a rogue who is unrepentant for all his misdeeds, very much like Jonathan Wild in Henry Fielding's tale named after him. Wilkie Collins in A Rogue's Life: From His Birth To His Marriage takes us from Frank Softly's birth to his capture and sentencing for particip

This quick and easy read has a bit of everything: humor, romance, and even a bit of suspense.

Wilkie Collins es merecidamente conocido por sus novelas de misterio de estilo detectivesco. Pero esta novela es una sátira, en ella emplea la ironía con gran maestría para burlarse de la sociedad británica de la época.

Francis desprecia la moralidad de sus parientes, así que desde su juventud se emp

One of the best things about working in a big public library is that you get the long view on things, and explore the vast backlist of great stories. This novella from 1856 is just the kind of lost treasure I love to stumble upon. It tells of the varied misadventures of one Frank Softly, the son of

Magnífico libro. Wilkie Collins era un bribón. Amigo de parranda de otro gran bribón, Charles Dickens. Estas confesiones son geniales porque están escritas con un pulso anímico lleno de energía, elegancia y astucia. El estilo en este libro deriva del contenido. Es puro carisma. Los episodios que nar

Not my very favorite work by Wilkie Collins, but overall enjoyable, and surprisingly funny at times.

I realize that a tale being picaresque de facto means that there is rarely a point or shape to the narrative, but the whole forgery part of the tale went on way too long. Despite being a novella, it still seemed interminable.

A slight and comical picaresque. The young rogue, Frank Softly, comes from vaguely aristocratic stock but also has relatives in the trades and a physician father. He has an exceedingly difficult time earning a living. After a stint in debtors prison, he sells caricatures and paints fake Old Masters

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