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Robin Hood

J. Walker McSpadden

Book Overview: 

Robin Hood is a heroic outlaw in English folklore. A highly skilled archer and swordsman, he is known for "robbing from the rich and giving to the poor", assisted by a group of fellow outlaws known as his "Merry Men". Traditionally Robin Hood and his men are depicted wearing Lincoln green clothes. The origin of the legend is claimed by some to have stemmed from actual outlaws, or from ballads or tales of outlaws. (Introduction by Wikipedia)

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Book Excerpt: 
. . .Sheriff of Nottingham beside you?" quoth the other pompously.

Robin scratched his head.

"They do say that Robin Hood and his men care little for the Sheriff," he said.

"Pooh!" said the Sheriff. "I would not give that for their lives, if I could once lay hands upon them." And he snapped his fingers angrily. "But Robin Hood himself was on this very road the last time I came to town," said the other.

The Sheriff started at the crackling of a twig under his horse's feet, and looked around.

"Did you see him?" he asked.

"Aye, that did I! He wanted the use of this mare and cart to drive to Nottingham. He said he would fain turn butcher. But see!"

As he spoke he came to a turn in the road, and there before them stood a herd of the King's deer, feeding. Robin pointed to them and continued:

"There is my herd of cattle, good Master Sheriff! How do you like them? Are they not fat and fair to se. . . Read More

Community Reviews

It's hard to believe this was written 130 years ago. Despite the deliberate use of some easily understandable archaic language, this text feels fresh, contemporary, and vibrant. The thrills come fast and lively as it bounces along from one exciting Sherwood adventure to the next.

This was awesome!! I loved the writing style and the characters, and I giggled out loud at some parts. :) I'll definitely pick this up again when I need a fun story!

My son is in a home school co-op this year. I am the fifth and sixth grade writing teacher. I was given my curriculum, which came complete with a list of reading for the year. So I read the novels along with the kids, and there were some mixed results. As you should be able to tell from the title of

I loved this book when I was younger.

This book brings me back to my childhood. :)

"I like the adventure and I like the action and I thought it was pretty cool. I like the rescues and I like Robin Hood in general and I need to watch the movie. Robin Hood is the son of a noble, his lands get taken away because he's so nice and he gives money to the poor. All the nobles hate him bec

The reason I found this book interesting is because for all the Robin Hood based stories I've seen, I don't think I've actually read the original base stories such as these. Also, it was cool to read something and think, "Hey! I saw something like that in Hood by Lawhead. Or, "Look, that's something

A delightful short-story collection recounting the origins and legendary escapades of England's most famous outlaw.

Aside from the anthropomorphic Disney version, and the occasional satire, this reader's Robin Hood experience was pretty limited. I was pleasantly surprised at how enjoyable this read t

و مين فينا ماحلمش في يوم يكون روبن هود

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