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Roads of Destiny

O. Henry

Book Overview: 

his is another collection of O. Henry short stories.

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Book Excerpt: 
. . .Fergus up at the Centipede Club, a frame building built on posts sunk in the surf. The tide's only nine inches. The Little Big High Low Jack-in-the-game of the town came around and kowtowed. Oh, it wasn't to Herr Mees. They had heard about Judson Tate.

"One afternoon me and Fergus McMahan was sitting on the seaward gallery of the Centipede, drinking iced rum and talking.

"'Judson,' says Fergus, 'there's an angel in Oratama.'

"'So long,' says I, 'as it ain't Gabriel, why talk as if you had heard a trump blow?'

"'It's the Señorita Anabela Zamora,' says Fergus. 'She's—she's—she's as lovely as—as hell!'

"'Bravo!' says I, laughing heartily. 'You have a true lover's eloquence to paint the beauties of your inamorata. You remind me,' says I, 'of Faust's wooing of Marguerite—that is, if he wooed her after he went down the trap-door of the stage.'

"'Judson,' says Fergus, 'you know you are as beau. . . Read More

Community Reviews

A collection of short fiction by O. Henry. This is my first direct exposure to O. Henry's work, and I can definitely see the appeal of his writing style. Henry's more humorous pieces remind me of Mark Twain in their ability to fill the gaps with subtle humor of a wise-crack variety, while the more p

ENGLISH: In this collection of 22 stories by O.Henry, I liked three of them specially:

"The discounters of money" about an ornithological millionaire (a millionaire through inheritance, i.e. because of the stork) who woos a young lady who despises money.

"A retrieved reformation" about a safe-cracke

Of the several O. Henry short story books I have read, this is one of the best! It seems to be works he wrote during the prime of his career. Most are more "masculine" stories about accomplishments, rather than love stories.

I loved this story. The message is a little bit "discouraging" but really interesting.
It's a story about our Destiny. Can we fight against our fate?

Me ha encontado esta historia. El mensaje es un poco "descorazonador" pero realmente interesante. Es una historia sobre nuestro destino. ¿Podem

One of the best short stories I've ever read. You cannot escape your destiny.

Jeez O. Henry could write. So many thoughts. Please forgive any misspellings or words that are mistyped.

For those who don't know about O. Henry, he was a short story writer at the start of the 20th century. His stories often had a surprise twist. Like an early M Night Shy

Ah, the eternal 'What, if' question. Also, the 'Two roads diverged in a wood' conundrum explained in a brilliant fashion. I bow to you O'Henry!

A collection of short stories, some funny, with twist endings. O.Henry's style is witty, but sometimes difficult to understand. He often introduces his stories with his view on American history and society, which is not always easy to understand for the modern reader. The stories are inventive and c

SO SO SO GOOD! I loved it!
I was a bit lost at the beginning but when I understood the branches and those things I was absolutely hooked.

I really liked these short stories of ordinary American life. I'm not really a short story person so I didn't read them all but got about half way through.

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