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Rip Foster Rides the Gray Planet

Harold L. Goodwin

Book Overview: 

"Foster, Lieutenant, R. I. P.," blared the voice horn, and five minutes later Rip Foster was off into space on an assignment more exciting than any he had ever imagined. He could hardly believe his ears. Could a green young Planeteer, just through his training, possibly carry out orders like these? Sunny space, what a trick it would be! From the moment Rip boards the space ship Scorpius there is a thrill a minute. He and his nine daring Planeteers must cope with the merciless hazing of the spacemen commanding the ship, and they must outwit the desperate Connies, who threaten to plunge all of space into war. There are a thousand dangers to be faced in high vacuum—and all of this while carrying out an assignment that will take every reader's breath away.

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Book Excerpt: 
. . .minor planets were big enough to have an atmosphere or much gravity.

If only he could get a look into those cases! But the ship was still decelerating and he would have to wait. He put his head against the chair rest and settled down to wait as patiently as he could.

Brennschluss was a long time coming. When the deceleration finally stopped, Rip didn't wait for gravity. He hauled himself out of the chair and the squadroom and went down the corridor hand over hand. He headed straight for where the supplies were stacked, his Planeteers close behind him.

Commander O'Brine arrived at the same time. "We're starting to scan for the asteroid," he greeted Rip. "May be some time before we find it."

"Where are we, sir?" Rip asked.

[pg 054]

"Just above the asteroid belt near the outer edge. We're beyond the position where th. . . Read More

Community Reviews

Granted, I read this when I was teeny-tiny, and it was one of my first sci-fi's; so probably an extra star for nostalgia and not remembering it really well. But I definitely thoroughly enjoyed it back then.

In this story from 1952, Rip Foster graduates from the Space Academy, becoming a Planeteer lieutenant in the SOS (Space Operations Service) and getting an assignment that is has challenges that require experience well above his pay grade. He must overcome challenges of with the Spacers (the crew...more

One of my favorite subgenres of science fiction is space/space opera. Probably because growing up I caught just about every Gemini and Apollo launch/spacewalk/moon landing/splashdown that I could (and I have now dated myself). I pulled this from the TBR pile, a book I picked up sometime back from...more

This is a fine boys' space opera adventure from 1952, long before there was such a category as YA. I was surprised to see that the author also wrote the Rick Brant adventures under a different pseudonym; they were favorites of mine back in the day. The cast of characters in this book is surprisin...more

Young adult SF from the 50's (which at that time would be only boys) and it's brilliant with better real science (physics and physics and physics) than you find in adult movies today. Lots of basic stuff is covered here, even instructions on nuclear weapon building as all young boys needed to kno...more

Classic 1950's boy's adventure space patrol fiction, with all that entails. It was awfully cavalier about the effects of radiation, and I don't think there was a single female character to be found in the entire book, but it was fast-paced, reasonably well-written, and on the whole an enjoyable d...more

In this story, humans have moved out to explore and establish colonies throughout the Solar System, although the rivalry between the two superpowers remains. The two sides are the Federation and the Connies and Rip Foster is a newly commissioned officer in the Planeteer corps, the elite interplan...more

An enjoyable 1950 SF novel with cold war overtones. The science referenced is pretty accurate for the time, though the long range communicator with not time lag at planetary distances was not explained at all.

Even though this was certainly a cold war story with obvious references to the Communist...more

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