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Ring Once for Death

Robert Andrew Arthur

Book Overview: 

The power of the old gods was certainly nothing for Mark and Edith—a modern, twentieth-century couple—to worry about. After all—everybody dies!

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Book Excerpt: 
. . .But even as he spoke, Edith Williams' hand darted to something at the back of the shelf.

"A bell carved out of crystal!" she exclaimed. "And rose-crystal at that. What could be more perfect? A rose-crystal wedding present and a rose-crystal anniversary present!"

The young man half stretched out his hand.

"I don't think you want that," he said. "It's broken."

"Broken?" Edith Williams rubbed off the dust and held the lovely bell-shape of crystal, the size of a pear, to the light. "It looks perfect to me."

"I mean it is not complete." Something of the American had vanished from the young man. "It has no clapper. It will not ring."

"Why, that's right." Mark Williams took the bell. "The clapper's missing."

"We can have another clapper made," his wife declared. "That is, if the original can't be found?"

The young Chinese shook his head.

"The bell and the clapper were deliberately separated by my. . . Read More

Community Reviews

A lot of the short stories I've been reading could be made into movies without any changes at all and this is one of them! Its a great short sci-fi story about a married couple and a mysterious bell! Great story!

This is a story that maybe, suited to be in the X-files and the plot twist at the ending is definitely something

The Gift of the Magi meets Asian stereotypes, not altogether a pleasant combination for the modern reader but an entertaining enough story.

A woman tricks the owner of a Chinese relics store much to her own distress.
This story ends with a surprising couple of twists.

This book had me on edge from beginning to end. I believe that it is way better than The Money Paw and am a little sad that is it not that well known.