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Revolution Radio

Seth Kenlon

Book Overview: 

After a global revolution, the world is left in disarray. A new world order has begun, to pick up the pieces and to make sure that the ways of the old world remain forgotten. Comm Techs ("commies" for short) maintain all the communication channels via a complex inter-network of radio towers. They speak in code that no one else can understand, and they obsess over the "Godstream" - mysterious signals from the atmosphere that no one can quite explain. And then one morning, the daily broadcast doesn't arrive. And it's up to one reclusive comm tech to find out why.

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Book Excerpt: 
. . .KBV?" a muscular fellow sitting not far from me asked. "Nope." "How 'bout a tech?" "I did some tech work," I said. "Just fixin' stuff. Random stuff, electric mostly." "Then how come you can't fix the radio for your commie?" someone else asked. "I'm not an electrical engineer, just good with wiring and current," I said. The meathead was still staring at me, trying to place me from KBV as either a chef or a tech. I didn't like it but I didn't show it. He finally said, "I'd swear I know you from someplace." "Well, I don't know you." And it was true. I didn't. Chapter 8.  Night on the Farm After dinner was over and everyone had more or less warmed up to me, I grabbed the circuit board with a bad strip on it from my backpack and brought it to the handyman. She examined it and saw the bad strip and shrugged, saying, "Could probably bridge it." "That hard?" I asked. "It ain't impossible," she said, "But it ain't necessarily easy n. . . Read More

Community Reviews

I REALLY enjoyed this book. I liked the author's take on a post-revolutionary world with limited communication and a return to really basic things like food and community. For me, the book spurred thoughts on what it means to live with or without other people. I found that I was eagerly anticipating

I'm biased, but I think this is a fantastic book. It's a post apocalyptic sci fi story, about some sys admins who operate futuristic radios to keep the world in order, and one day a radio broadcast doesn't come in. So one of the operators goes to find out why. It's a bit of a dime novel but being a