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A Reversible Santa Claus

Meredith Nicholson

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Book Excerpt: 
. . .ed for a plate with which he began thumping the table.

"Out with ut, Hop!" snapped Humpy nervously. "Nothin' wuz said about kidnapin', an' I don't stand for ut!"

"When I heard the machine comin' in the yard I knowed somethin' was wrong an' I guess it couldn't be no worse," added Mary, beginning to cry. "You hadn't no right to do ut, Bill. Hookin' a buzz-buzz an' a kid an' when we wuz playin' the white card! You ought t' 'a' told me, Bill, what ye went to town fer, an' it bein' Christmas, an' all."

That he should have chosen for his fall the Christmas season of all times was reprehensible, a fact which Mary and Humpy impressed upon him in the strongest terms. The Hopper was fully aware of the inopportuneness of his transgressions, but not to the point of encouraging his wife to abuse him.

As he clumsily tried to unfasten Shaver's hood, Mary pushed him aside and with shaking fingers removed the chi. . . Read More

Community Reviews

I started reading this book and began thinking Here we go again. Another predictable Christmas tale. But wait! It we somewhere completely unexpected. I enjoyed it!

A lovely book, and a first edition too. Will definitely read again, at Christmas.

THIS is a Christmas story! From start to finish.
The writing is very good. The plot is better. The solution uncertain to the reader throughout. The characters are excellent. The dialogue is great, but seems others would have accents noted, also.
The length of the story is just right. Pacing excellent

This story from 1917 is delightful. I have the Kindle version, which does not have the original (nor any) illustrations. Regardless, this was a fun story about thievery, going straight, and hijinx, 1917 style.

This novelette was a delightful romp from beginning to end.

This book, written in 1917, is typical of that era. Overblown characters with a moral message. Still it is very amusing. For the record, a reversible Santa Claus is one who does not bring presents but who takes away things you don't appreciate.

A humorous tale. A thief who's been clean for several years slips and "swipes" a pocketbook from a nearby gentleman in the trolley, setting off a chain of events that leads him further and further into crime...grand theft auto, accidental kidnapping, and even art theft!! His wife and his sidekick ar

A short novella surrounding Christmas high-jinks and thievery in 1917. When an ex-thief inadvertently kidnaps a toddler in a fleeting moment of weakness, he braves the cold Connecticut weather to try and reunite the child with his family.

Amusing collection of characters that range from thieves, art

Originally published in 1917, a thief trying to go straight finds himself embroiled in a humorous and adventurous caper. Loved this one. Thanks Amber, would not have know it existed and she not read and reviewed.

This was a funny read about a thief who stole a child on Christmas eve and set to return him to his rightful owners not knowing the mother has hired him to steal something for her. Will he get caught? Read it and find out.

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