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The Reverberator

Henry James

Book Overview: 

Another Jamesian look at Americans in Paris. What happens when a reporter for an American scandal sheet (The Reverberator) is looking for a good story, though one which might interfere with the marriage plans of a young American woman in the City of Light? This book has been described as "a delicious Parisian bonbon," and its generally good humor stands in contrast with some of the writer's other work

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Book Excerpt: 
. . .ady sitting in the court of the hotel with her father and sister. Mr. Dosson was new to Gaston Probert, but the young man might have been a naturalist visiting a rank country with a net of such narrow meshes as to let no creature of the air escape. The little party was as usual expecting Mr. Flack at any moment, and they had collected downstairs, so that he might pick them up easily. They had, on the first floor, an expensive parlour, decorated in white and gold, with sofas of crimson damask; but there was something lonely in that grandeur and the place had become mainly a receptacle for their tall trunks, with a half-emptied paper of chocolates or marrons glaces on every table. After young Probert's first call his name was often on the lips of the simple trio, and Mr. Dosson grew still more jocose, making nothing of a secret of his perception that Francie hit the bull's-eye "every time." Mr. Waterlow had returned their visit, but that was rather a matter of course, since. . . Read More

Community Reviews

This proves that Henry James had a sense of humour if your standards of evidence are really low. I liked it a lot but now I look back on my Henry James years as a kind of affliction, perhaps like reformed dopeheads might glance back wistfully at their marijuana years. And there is, come to think of

The Reverberator, which was originally published in Macmillan's Magazine in 1888, is about Americans abroad and the increasing intrusiveness of a certain kind of gossipy newspaper. It's also, mostly, about people: how they act, what they say, what motivates them. It's set in Paris, but aside from a

The title refers to an American newspaper, not a coveted sex toy. A major character, George Flack, pushy, funsy fella in Europe, rollicks the plot by sending a gossipy "Abroad" col home about some Americans in Paris, c 1888. Henry James frowned upon the Press and its vulgar excuse to "Get a story" -

La novela arranca demasiado tarde. No terminas de empatizar con los personajes y las descripciones de lugares y ambientes son casi nulas. Si te interesa conocer las dificultades que sufren las familias ricas inmigrantes para adentrarse a los círculos prestigiados de otros países (en este caso Franci

A quick, concise and generally lighthearted satirical novel from an author who has a reputation for being anything but those things. Aside from a few characters who are presented as a "type," (and who are grouped together as a mass, and given, it must be admitted to typical behavior), each of the ch

Lo he intentado y eso es lo que cuenta. No tiene ni 300 páginas, pero como no he pagado ni un céntimo por él (gracias a mi biblioteca de confianza) no me siento ni obligada a terminarlo ni culpable por no hacerlo. Algún día probaré con otra novela suya, pero es que se me cerraban los ojos del aburri

The worst fiction I’ve read from James. While it begins with the wry humor that is so appealing in his earlier work, the plot soon turns stale as James latches onto the same tired themes: the expat American who feels alienated from his homeland, the quirky artist, the boorish American male, the naiv

The misunderstandings in trans-Atlantic relationships are exacerbated by a gossip columnist.

Henry James and the Scandal Sheet: A Review of The Reverberator (1888), revised 1908

Readers of James have not shown as much interest in this short novel as in many of his other works of fiction. Mistakenly regarded as a comparatively lightweight performance, The Reverberator nevertheless deals for

"Echo" to zabawna i zdecydowanie zbyt krótka opowieść o uroczej Amerykance, dwóch pretendentach do jej ręki i intrydze tkanej grubymi nićmi. Nie brakuje tutaj piekielnych knowań ambitnego dziennikarza, misternych planów starszej siostry, drobnych oszustw zakochanego młodzieńca i manipulacji prawdziw

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