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The Red House Mystery

A. A. Milne

Book Overview: 

Antony Gillingham arrives at the Red House moments after a gunshot is heard. The room is locked, the murderer has disappeared and, in Antony’s opinion, the police are going about it the wrong way. Antony, who was looking for a new profession anyway, decides to solve the murder himself, with a little help from his friend Bill.

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Book Excerpt: 
. . .Elsie was not sorry to get the message. It interrupted a few remarks from Mrs. Stevens about Elsie's conduct that afternoon which were (Elsie thought) much better interrupted. In Mrs. Stevens' opinion any crime committed that afternoon in the office was as nothing to the double crime committed by the unhappy Elsie.

For Elsie realized too late that she would have done better to have said nothing about her presence in the hall that afternoon. She was bad at concealing the truth and Mrs. Stevens was good at discovering it. Elsie knew perfectly well that she had no business to come down the front stairs, and it was no excuse to say that she happened to come out of Miss Norris' room just at the head of the stairs, and didn't think it would matter, as there was nobody in the hall, and what was she doing anyhow in Miss Norris' room at that time? Returning a magazine? Lent by Miss Norris, might she ask? Well, not exactly lent. Really, Elsie!—and this in a respect. . . Read More

Community Reviews

How I love this mystery!

It's terribly, terribly English and Edwardian, a la Agatha Christie's best, and bursting with delicious humor. Goes to show that A.A. Milne wasn't a one-trick pony. Like E.B. White, he could write great stories for adults as well as children.

I don't think the edition pictured

An excellent, locked-room mystery, by the grand pooh bah, A.A. Milne, The Red House Mystery is great fun. I already was in on the secret thanks to spoilers in Eight Perfect Murders which I just finished, but I was intrigued by the description and I'm really glad I read it. The main sleuth and his si

I really liked this book, which is A.A. Milne's only mystery novel. Written in 1922, it reads like a cross between Wodehouse and Christie, which is probably the highest compliment I can give. It's a locked room mystery that features a self-aware amateur sleuth who just happens to arrive at the scene

Read in preparation for reading Eight Perfect Murders, otherwise published as Rules for Perfect Murders. Antony Gillingham arrives at a country house, The Red House, just as a murder is committed. He is a man who lives by his wits, taking up whatever occupation appeals to him or offers itself to him

I read and thoroughly enjoyed Peter Swanson’s Eight Perfect Murders last week and wanted to read those books referenced. So who knew AA Milne wrote anything outside the hundred acre woods? Not me! Having the memory of a goldfish, I had already forgotten the spoilers revealed by Swanson, so despite t


“Like all really nice people, you have a weakness for detective stories, and feel that there are not enough of them. So, after all that you have done for me, the least that I can do for you is to write you one.”

Milne, famous creator of Winnie-the-Pooh, wrote one detective mystery, seemingly as

I'd call this more of a locked room mystery than an isolated closed circle, but it definitely has some of the same charms as that kind of story and it certainly is a country house mystery. The thing that worked best for me was the writing itself-- the mystery was only OK, but I think that's probably

Ποτέ, ίσως, δεν θα μπορούσαν οι θαυμαστές του 'Ουίνι, το αρκουδάκι' να φανταστούν ότι ο Μίλν θα ξεπερνούσε κάθε λογοτεχνική προσδοκία και θα έγραφε ένα αστυνομικό μυθιστόρημα μυστηρίου. Σύμφωνα με την εισαγωγή του βιβλίου, το έναυσμα το έλαβε από τον πατέρα του, ο οποίος ήταν λάτρης της αστυνομικής

A A Milne wrote a little remembered mystery book before he delved into the 100 Acre Wood and created one of the most beloved classic characters in fiction - Winnie the Pooh. The mystery is set during a country house party, in 1922. Our amateur sleuth arrives to visit a friend, to find someone hammer

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