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Random Reminiscences of Men and Events

John D. Rockefeller

Book Overview: 

A good book by the oil revolutionist of the 20th century. As they say "Men should listen to experience" and this book is all about the experience of the second highest taxpayer in the US.

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Book Excerpt: 
. . .I had unearthed. When finally at what seemed to me the time, I presented myself to my would-be employer:

"We will give you a chance," he said, but not a word passed between us about pay. This was September 26, 1855. I joyfully went to work. The name of the firm was Hewitt & Tuttle.

In beginning the work I had some advantages. My father's training, as I have said, was practical, the course at the commercial college had taught me the rudiments of business, and I thus had a groundwork to build upon. I was fortunate, also, in working under the supervision of the bookkeeper, who was a fine disciplinarian, and well disposed toward me.

When January, 1856, arrived, Mr. Tuttle presented me with $50 for my three months' [37]work, which was no doubt all that I was worth, and it was entirely satisfactory.

For the next year, with $25 a month, I kept my position, learning the details and clerical work connected with such a business. It was a wh. . . Read More

Community Reviews

Although this book is about one of the greatest character in history of business, it is just dull. It's very easy to dose off while reading, because there's nothing that gets you in. I hardly remember what I've read. "Titan", another book about John D. was much better read and what I know about Rock

<...prieš ketinant su kuo nors tartis būtina kiekvienos pusės teises ir įsipareigojimus išmatuoti ta pačia liniuote...>

In short, this is an autobiography of Rockefeller, written by himself; a reflection of men and events.

Chapter 1

- Rockefeller credits his success by bringing in talented people together and work for him. It reminded me of Lee Kuan Yew and his competent team of ministers that led Singapore to success.

Words from Rockefeller himself. This guy always surprises me. Yes, he was wealthiest person in history, but he also made so many other people wealthy. For instance, this quote from the book: “Go into business not for money but for association with interesting, quick-minded men”

This book has tons of

Great wisdom from a great man

John D Rockefeller is one of the most successful businessmen the world ever produced, listening to him not only inspiring but also provide excellent lessons on building a business based on a solid foundation and long-term financial and organizational strength rather than

3 stars just bc of the author not bc on the content

"Where can I fit in so that I may be most effective in the work of the world? Where can I lend a hand in a way effectively to advance the general interests? Enter life in such a spirit, choose your vocation in that way, and you have taken the first step on the highest road to a large success. Invest

Excellent read. Things have not changed much in 100 years of business, though the consolidation strategy of Standard Oil has already been replicated in most markets where it's applicable. Growth in next 100 years will be about customization, personalization, and adding value to enable charging premi

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