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Rainbow Valley

L. M. Montgomery

Book Overview: 

Rainbow Valley, the seventh book in the Anne of Green Gables series explores the world of Anne & Gilbert’s six children along with the exploits of the Merediths, the children of the town’s new minister. With no mother and an absent-minded father, the Meredith children are not being properly brought up. This leads to their many adventures causing the ladies of the town to gossip, risking their father’s job. These kind-hearted, but misguided children fumble their way through bringing themselves up, and learn about life and love along the way.

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Book Excerpt: 
. . .But at all times they found her interesting. So they submitted quite meekly to her bossing, and by the end of a fortnight had come to feel that she must always have been with them.

"It's the queerest thing that Mrs. Wiley hain't been after me," said Mary. "I can't understand it."

"Maybe she isn't going to bother about you at all," said Una.
"Then you can just go on staying here."

"This house ain't hardly big enough for me and old Martha," said Mary darkly. "It's a very fine thing to have enough to eat—I've often wondered what it would be like—but I'm p'ticler about my cooking. And Mrs. Wiley'll be here yet. SHE'S got a rod in pickle for me all right. I don't think about it so much in daytime but say, girls, up there in that garret at night I git to thinking and thinking of it, till I just almost wish she'd come and have it over with. I dunno's one real good whipping would be much worse'n all the . . . Read More

Community Reviews

The front cover is simply maddening! There are four girls, and Anne only has three, so one must be a Meredith. So which one??
The boy in the water is, I'm thinking, Shirley, and the tall one is Walter. The girl sitting is Diana.
If the girl in the blue dress holding the flowers is Rilla and the one...more

Albeit that I have most definitely always enjoyed reading about both the Meredith children and Anne and Gilbert Blythe's offspring encountering both fun and sometimes even adventure in L.M. Montgomery's Rainbow Valley (and also do find Mary Vance not only entertaining but also very much a breath...more

Rainbow Valley (Anne of Green Gables #7), L.M. Montgomery

Rainbow Valley (1919) is the seventh book in the chronology of the Anne of Green Gables series by Lucy Maud Montgomery, although it was the fifth book published.

In this book Anne Shirley is married with six children, but the book focuses m...more

Full (mini) review now posted!

If the previous book was more about Annes children than the woman herself, this installment was more about the childrens new neighbors than the children themselves. A new minister has come to town, and hes an absentminded widower with four children. These are good ki...more

If the last book wasn't really about Anne, this go-round isn't even about Anne's children. Instead, we meet the new minister's kids. Talk about a family that really NEEDS Nanny Mc Phee! Reverend Dad has been floundering since his wife passed away, leaving him to raise four young 'uns alone. He's...more

Like I always say, children are the best form of birth control. Even imaginative, sweet-natured children. Oh, lisping Rilla, being chased into the mud by a codfish-wielding Mary Vance... how I laughed uproariously over your plight, though I gathered from the soulful prose that I was meant to feel...more

~4.5 stars~

Ok I'm going to be honest, this wasn't my favorite Anne of Green Gables book...it was cute with all of the kids and it was interesting to learn more about the Blythe children, but the majority of the time this was about their neighbors, the Merediths. I'm not saying it was terrible, be...more

The Blythes are living in Four Winds and life is going great. They've befriended the local pastor and his family-- The Merediths. The Meredith family is very endearing. They have lost their mother and their father always seems so distracted (which really got on my nerves). They do the best they c...more

4 stars.

Rainbow Valley was a sweet little installment in the Anne series that was mainly focuses on the kids. It honestly felt like a bit of a spin off because of how much it focused on the Meridith kids, while Anne and family were practictally side characters. Still, I did enjoy it very much eve...more

I'm so happy I finally read Rainbow Valley! I read the previous books in the ANNE OF GREEN GABLES series by L.M. Montgomery a few years ago now ... but just never got around to book seven. Now I have! *grins* And it was fun! I'm so excited to get my hands on a copy of Rilla of Ingleside!

It was wo...more

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