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Raggedy Andy Stories

Johnny Gruelle

Book Overview: 

Raggedy Ann is a fictional character created by writer Johnny Gruelle in a series of books he wrote and illustrated for young children. Raggedy Ann is a rag doll with red yarn for hair. The character was created in 1915 as a doll, and was introduced to the public in the 1918 book Raggedy Ann Stories. A doll was also marketed along with the book to great success. A sequel, Raggedy Andy Stories (1920) introduced the character of her brother, Raggedy Andy, dressed in sailor suit and hat.

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Book Excerpt: 
. . .No wonder you were never lonesome!" said Uncle Clem, who was very kind and loved everybody and everything.

"No, I was never lonesome in the old trunk in the attic, but it is far more pleasant to be out again and living here with all you nice friends!" said Raggedy Andy.

And all the dolls thought so too, for already they loved Raggedy Andy's happy smile and knew he would prove to be as kindly and lovable as Raggedy Ann.

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One night, after all the household had settled down to sleep, Raggedy Andy sat up in bed and tickled Uncle Clem.

Uncle Clem twisted and wiggled in his sleep until finally he could stand it no longer and awakened.

"I dreamed that some one told me the funniest story!" said Uncle Clem; "But I cannot remember what it was!"

"I was tickling you!" laughed Raggedy Andy.

When the other dolls in the nursery heard Raggedy An. . . Read More

Community Reviews

My copy is from 1920. All about the adventures of Raggedy Ann and her new friend, Raggedy Andy.

There were a lot of things happening, And all of them were nice to each other.
1. Ordinary life: Ragady andy sitting on the shell.
2. Called to adventure: Going to a new home and meeting the other dolls.
3. Entering the unknown: doing what the other dolls did.
4. Meeting the mentor: Meeting Raggedy ann.

I am reading this with my two youngest (8 and 5)...and their older brothers keep sneaking over to listen.

One of the aunts made a Raggedy Andy doll for the 5-year-old so we got some books to learn about him. So far, the boys love them and ask for more than 2 stories a day. Last night my little guy ca

The girls and I agree that Raggedy Andy isn't quite as wonderful as Raggedy Ann, but sharing this book was a sweet experience for all of us and a nostalgic one, for me.

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