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Rachel Ray

Anthony Trollope

Book Overview: 

The love that develops between Luke Rowan and Rachel Ray is not universally welcomed. Mrs. Tappitt- a rich, influential, and bad woman - wishes him to marry one of her own daughters, while Rachel's mother and older sister are not sure he is worthy of her. After many adventures, everybody gets what they deserve. Characteristically to Trollope's works, there is also a secondary plot involving the election of parliament in Baslehurst.

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Book Excerpt: 
. . .May I not call it a necessary qualification for a clergyman of any church? He was not a gentleman. I do not mean to say that he was a thief or a liar; nor do I mean hereby to complain that he picked his teeth with his fork and misplaced his "h's." I am by no means prepared to define what I do mean,—thinking, however, that most men and most women will understand me. Nor do I speak of this deficiency in his clerical aptitudes as being injurious to him simply,—or even chiefly,—among folk who are themselves gentle; but that his efficiency for clerical purposes was marred altogether, among high and low, by his misfortune in this respect. It is not the owner of a good coat that sees and admires its beauty. It is not even they who have good coats themselves who recognize the article on the back of another. They who have not good coats themselves have the keenest eyes for the coats of their better-clad neighbours. As it is with coats, so it is with that which w. . . Read More

Community Reviews

Just as lovely and delightful a novel as anyone could hope to read! Trollope touches just briefly on the small town politics and social prejudice that keep the novel moving, while crafting believable characters who charm a reader’s heart.

Early Trollope—lacks the complexity, the humor, and the gutting character portraits of his more mature work.

For completists.

I read somewhere that this a good novel for beginners to Anthony Trollope’s works and I can only agree. The characters were brilliantly observed and named and the book was a delight, the romance was almost the least of the charm- it was the huge effect on a whole community wrought by a single newcom

An introspective look into provincial affairs using the backdrop of the Trollopian universe. A dramatic and often humorous microcosm of the countryside on the cusp of the industrial revolution. Rachel Ray is a homely girl, living with her widowed mother and sister in the fictitious village of Bragg'

Rachel Ray is my first exposure to Anthony Trollope. Trollope was a popular Victorian author, and perhaps it is quite a remiss on my part for not becoming acquainted with him before. But with this read, I intend to rectify my omission.

As an introduction to Trollope works, Rachel Ray may not be the

An enjoyable read, a quick one for Trollope.
In Trollope’s style, we see Characters at their best and worst. Romance, evil, idolatry, bigotry, condescension, rudeness... if there was a soap opera in Trollope’s time...? But no, his novels have so much more depth. He brings you along and makes you par

Provincial balls, virginal heroines, bumbling clergymen, and lashings of EVOO.

Written in 1863, near the beginning of his career, Rachel Ray is one of Anthony Trollope's sweetest, tightest, and most charming novels. The eponymous young lady is the daughter of one widow and sister of another. She falls for a handsome young man named Luke Rowan, who is the partner in a local bre

A Controversial Book

I do not know about British or American media, but in German newspapers the adjective “controversial” is being more and more used as a means of labelling a person or a book as inflicted with, and probably inflicting upon others, intellectual leprosy. Thus, the epithet “controvers

Absolutely and completely delighful, happy read. :) From my limited Trollope reading so far, I take back what I said about beginning him with "Ayala's Angel" and think THIS book a far better representation of the general feel and scope of his work.

While not anywhere near as thoughtful, or thought-p

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