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The Rabbi and the CEO

Thomas Zweifel

Book Overview: 

Leadership is in crisis. In the rough seas of a borderless economy, the Internet, and outsourcing in turbulent markets, a seismic shift has changed the game. The days of the Great Man-whether a Churchill or Kennedy, even a Gates or Welch-are numbered. Virtually anyone can lead now. But how do you breed principled leaders for the twenty-first century? Is leadership a matter of DNA, culture, or coaching?The answer can be found in the 3,000-year-old tradition of Judaism. Jews are not called the People of the Book by accident. Torah, Talmud, and Kabbalah hold a powerful amalgam of life-and-death leadership stories and astonishingly practical lessons for twenty-first-century managers. In a unique synergy, Dr. Thomas Zweifel, Swiss Consulting Group CEO, Columbia professor, and author of leadership books like Communicate or Die and Culture Clash, teams up with Rabbi Aaron Raskin, Jewish leader, mensch, and author of Letters of Light, to blend the timeless wisdom of the Ten Commandments with a cutting-edge methodology based on twenty-five years of coaching leaders-a mix that provides winning tools for lasting success.

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Book Excerpt: 
. . . the idea of an individual with an ego (defined by Webster’s dictionary as “the ‘I’ or self of any person...distinguishing itself from the selves of others and from objects of its thought”47) was a product of eighteenth-century enlightenment, after Descartes had came up with his dictum “Cogito, ergo sum” (“I think, therefore I am”) that paved the way for all people to no longer be mere subjects of their kings or lords, but be individuals capable of conscious and independent thought. This powerful innovation once helped topple hereditary elites. But today, the ego has got out of hand. Authentic leaders need to know how to keep their ego in check. The access to greatness, the possibility to stand up and see eye to eye with the greatest rulers, and even with God, is a double-edged sword. It brings with it great power, but also great obligation; as the French say, noblesse oblige.

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Community Reviews

This business books links the timeless 10 Commandments for business leaders today. It also is appropriate for leaders of non-profits as well. The dialogue back and forth between rabbinic wisdom and practical examples applied made for good reading. Each of the 10 Commandments had tips and tools that


Excellent read. Very meaty, practical, and useful. Please read this book. I could read it over and over and still learn something new each time.

The leadership lessons contained in “The Rabbi and the CEO” are timeless, powerful and practical. This uplifting book offers a powerhouse of sound advice, practical and yet easy to implement nuggets of wisdom anybody can benefit from both in life and business. As the authors wisely say, “you always