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R. Holmes & Co.

John Kendrick Bangs

Book Overview: 

Raffles Holmes is introduced in these stories as the son of the great Sherlock Holmes. He is also revealed to be the grandson of A.J. Raffles, a gentleman thief pursued by Sherlock Holmes many years earlier. This apparently contradictory family background sets the stage for his colorful and amusing adventures.

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Book Excerpt: 
. . .Holmes and I struck a bargain and became partners.


I had seen the marvellous creation very often at the opera, and in many ways resented it. Not that I was in the least degree a victim to envy, hatred, and malice towards those who are possessed of a superabundance of this world's good things—far from it. I rejoice in the great fortunes of earth because, with every dollar corralled by the superior energies of the multi- millionaires, the fewer there are for other men to seek, and until we stop seeking dollars and turn our minds to other, finer things, there will be no hope of peace and sweet content upon this little green ball we inhabit. My resentment of Mrs. Burlingame's diamond stomacher was not then based on envy of its possession, but merely upon the twofold nuisance which it created at the opera-house, as the lady who wore it sat and listened to the strains of Wagner, Bizet, or Go. . . Read More

Community Reviews

This author (who died in 1922) would have fitted in very nicely with the "Ripping Yarns" writers, his sense of humour is akin to "The Ministry of Silly Walks" fame from "Monty Python's Flying Circus." These short tales of the adventure of Raffles Holmes, yes he's the son of Sherlock Holmes (ha ha) w

What we have here is a set of short-stories featuring Raffles Holmes, son of Sherlock the detective, and grandson, on his mother’s side, of Raffles the jewel-thief. This has potential, wouldn’t you say? Executed well it could have been interesting, or parodic, or an interesting parody.
The snag is,

Not a sequel to 'Mrs. Raffles' by the same author, because no mention is made of her in this collection, and it's written in a tone less humorous than the previous collection and closer to the original Raffles stories.

Since I don't really like the barely moral original Raffles, I liked Raffles Holm

‘Raffles Holmes & Company’ is a unique book as it is a pastiche based on two different legendary characters created by two equally legendary writers. In this collection of short stories with traces of humor and mystery written in 1906, John Kendrick Bangs introduces to the reader the enigmatic chara

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