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Quiet Talks on Prayer

S. D. Gordon

Book Overview: 

An open life, an open hand, open upward, is the pipe line of communication between the heart of God and this poor befouled old world. Our prayer is God’s opportunity to get into the world that would shut Him out.

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Book Excerpt: 
. . .An Englishman's heart is strongly moved to get the story of Jesus to the inland millions of Chinese. He requests the China-Inland Mission to control the expenditure of almost a million dollars of his money in such a way as best to secure the object in his heart. An American gives a large sum to the Young Men's Christian Association of his home city to be expended as directed. His thought is not to build up this particular organization, but to benefit large numbers of the young men of his town who will meet certain conditions which he thinks to be for their good. He has learned to trust this organization, and so it becomes his trustee.

Another man feels that if the people of New York City can be given good reading they can thereby best be helped in life. And so he volunteers money for a number of libraries throughout that city. And thousands who yearn to increase their knowledge come into sympathy with him in that one point through his gift. In all such cases the . . . Read More

Community Reviews

This book starts off with some hard hitting points made about the state of your heart as it relates to prayer. And he also has some great encouragement for unanswered prayer too. This book was good for providing direction on how to pray more effectively and also for creating a sense of urgency in...more

Great book. I really enjoyed it. Every believer would benefit from listening to this book.

A Christian Classic

Simple, yet profound, biblical exegesis on the subject of prayer. This was the first book in the subject that I ever read. It was life altering as a baby Christian. Now, after years in the Faith and the reading of many other classic works on the subject, as well as much reading...more

This book is so inspirational and motivational. There is a lot of food for thought, so it's a good idea to take it slowly and think about it. It has challenged and changed my views on how to pray, why to pray, and where to pray. It really is a good read!
I'm still not sure I agree with every stat...more

Parts I was very quick to understand what the author wanted to convey and other parts I found more difficult to discern what the author felt important. A friend recommended this book to me in the past particularly for the section in part III about "May We Pray With Assurance For The Conversion Of...more

Samuel Gordon does more than present how-to's. He offers inspiration. This classic has stirred my soul to kneel and lay hold of God. I believe that learning how to pray comes from the practice of prayer itself. But a goodread on prayer rekindles the faith that such a practice is worth my while. T...more

I sneaked and borrowed this book from my dad's library as a teen, and it helped provide a positive influence that I was not finding in my peers. S.D. Gordon writes like the "Max Lucado" of his generation, with engrossing word-pictures of Bible scenes that draw us in. His description of Paul's den...more

A deeply moving, unhurried discourse on prayer. Stirring, motivational, challening, but encouraging. Talks through prayer in different settings and stages of your relationship with God, absolutely laced with hope.

Because the book is not structured in the typical format of many other books it is not very well written and doesn’t seem to have an easily identifiable thesis. It seems clear that these are simply written transcriptions of verbal lectures and little effort as gone into making them cohesive with...more

Gordon presents a lot to consider regarding prayer. Written in 1904 and recently republished, this book is quite old and has been a heavy influence on current academics such as Dave Earley at Liberty University. The book is written in a fashion that feels like a small dialogue with the reader, wh...more

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