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The Queen Of Spades

Alexander Pushkin

Book Overview: 

The Queen of Spades has long been acknowledged as one of the world's greatest short stories, in which Pushkin explores the nature of obsession.

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Book Excerpt: 
. . .Count that she depended upon his friendship and generosity.

"'I could lend you the money,' replied the Count, after a moment of thoughtfulness, 'but I know that you would not enjoy a moment's rest until you had returned it; it would only add to your embarrassment. There is another way of freeing yourself.'

"'But I have no money at all,' insisted my grandmother.

"'There is no need of money. Listen to me.'

"The Count then told her a secret which any of us would give a good deal to know."

The young gamesters were all attention. Tomsky lit his pipe, took a few whiffs, then continued:

"The next evening, grandmother appeared at Versailles at the Queen's gaming-table. The Duke of Orleans was the dealer. Grandmother made some excuse for not having brought any money, and began to punt. She chose three cards in succession, again and again, winning every time, and was soon out of debt."

"A fable," remark. . . Read More

Community Reviews

Avarice. The insatiable desire for wealth. That thing that tears family and friends apart. That moves the world in different directions. That creates in people the worst feelings and intentions. And a huge void that nothing can fill: “Poverty wants much; but avarice, everything”.
You can't have ever

Στην πλατεία της Μόσχας που φέρει το όνομά του στέκεται ακόμη ατάραχο το άγαλμα του Πούσκιν.
Κι ίσως «καθώς τις νύχτες ο σφοδρός άνεμος που φυσά αναταράζει με βία την ρεντιγκότα του ήρωος,
ο προκαλούμενος θόρυβος είναι τόσο μεγάλος, εκκωφαντικός, που στέκεται αδύνατον να κλείσει κανείς μάτι.»
(Ν. Εγγ

Ένα άλυτο και μυστηριώδες αίνιγμα. Μια αμφίσημη ιστορία. Το ανθρώπινο πάθος για εύκολο κέρδος. Ένα θανατηφόρο παιχνίδι. Η παράνοια...
Ένα εξαιρετικό διήγημα από τον Πούσκιν που έχει κάτι από το μυστήριο των διηγημάτων του Πόε και κάτι από τον μυστηριακό ρομαντισμό του ΕΤΑ Χόφμαν.
Μικρό αλλά φανερώνει

“Money often costs too much.”
—Ralph Waldo Emerson
The Queen of Spades is a well-paced, clever, engaging short story which examines gambling and the seemingly limitless capacity of the human heart for pure...well...selfishness and greed. It had me hooked, rapidly turning the pages right up until the

Alexander Pushkin is widely known as Russia's master poet. He also published a variety of stories and his best known prose is The Queen of Spades, first published in 1833. Later a Tchaikovsky opera, The Queen of Spades is a short tale of greed that left me intrigued throughout.

Hermann the officer w

Από τη σπουδαία αυτή νουβέλα και τον Χέρμαν, τον ήρωα αυτής, επηρεάστηκαν ο Ντοστογιέφσκι με τον Παίκτη και ο Ναμπόκοφ με την Άμυνα του Λούζιν. Επίσης ο ίδιος ο Πούσκιν είναι επηρεασμένος από τον Φάουστ του Γκαίτε. Πραγματικά η ρωσική λογοτεχνία είναι τεράστια.

Writer and Poet Aleksander Pushkin, Palekh School of Painting.

RUSSIAN writers have a way of telling stories that have you gripped on the edge of your chair and your eyes hooked on the written word. You neither leave your chair nor take your eyes of the book till you have read the last word. And then

This is a classic light fantasy thriller. I won't discuss the content much, you must enjoy the story yourself. The story hit me hard at the climax. I put spoiler tag for further discussion.

(view spoiler)[This story has some techniques that has become troupes nowadays. The author used the troupes beautifully, it i (hide spoiler)]

Пиковая дама = Pikovaya dama = The Queen of Spades, Alexander Pushkin

The Queen of Spades is a short story with supernatural elements by Alexander Pushkin about human avarice.

Pushkin wrote the story in autumn 1833. Hermann, an ethnic German, is an officer of the engineers in the Imperial Russian Arm

3.5 stars. This classic Russian short story is an odd, mystical tale of greed and avarice, and the choices we make in life. A group of military men is gambling at cards, a few of them commenting on how one of the group, a German named Hermann, never gambles. Another man then tells how his grandmothe

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