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Queen of the Black Coast

Robert E. Howard

Book Overview: 

Conan finally meets his match in Belit, the fierce, bloodthirsty and scantily clad pirate Queen. She also is unable to resist the huge, blue eyed, iron thewed barbarian who literally sweeps her off her feet. Together they become pirates of legend and are the scourge of the Black Coast. They venture up the river of death where no one has gone in centuries and lived, in search of plunder, battle and adventure. And get get more of all three than they could wish for.

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Book Excerpt: 
. . .prow; broad in the waist, sloping beautifully to stem and stern. It was guided by the long sweep from the poop, and propulsion was furnished mainly by the broad striped silk sail, aided by a jibsail. The oars were for use in tacking out of creeks and bays, and during calms. There were ten to the side, five fore and five aft of the small mid-deck. The most precious part of the cargo was lashed under this deck, and under the fore-deck. The men slept on deck or between the rowers' benches, protected in bad weather by canopies. With twenty men at the oars, three at the sweep, and the shipmaster, the crew was complete.

So the Argus pushed steadily southward, with consistently fair weather. The sun beat down from day to day with fiercer heat, and the canopies were run up—striped silken cloths that matched the shimmering sail and the shining goldwork on the prow and along the gunwales.

They sighted the coast of Shem—long rolling meadowlands with the. . . Read More

Community Reviews

I've read this story a few times already over the past few years. I just keeps getting better. I really wish Howard had dedicated another decade or so to writing. The original Conan series of 20 so stories and novels is masterful work I enjoy coming back to again and again. Sword and sorcery at its

Ah, man!! I am not going to be a spoiler, I think that is shitty. What I will say is that this story brings tears to my eyes every time. The love between Conan and Belit is better than any love story I have ever read.

Ahhhhhh! How can I tell you about Conan and Belit without spoiling the story? Belit

I may be hitting my point of saturation with Conan. Howard's prose is still quite good, but I feel like I'm not getting anything really different. Then again, that was probably the point of these stories when they were being published in the pulps - consistent, manly-man adventure stories, so in tha

3.5 stars. Great fun exploring a forgotten dead city, looting said city, and battling the ancient evils and beasts that protect it. Oh yeah, and pirates, plus some very sappy Conan style romance.

Queen of the Black Coast is one of Robert E. Howard's best Conan stories. It is very short, being only 32 pages, but Howard's epic prose makes it worth it.

Those who are unfamiliar with Conan stories should read this one first. It introduces a great character in the Queen, Belit, and offers much insi

I enjoy dipping into the Robert E. Howard, Conan stories when I'm in between reading novels. Queen Of The Black Coast isn't bad, but it's not up there with my favourites. 2.5 stars.

Conan joins the pirate crew of Bêlit, Queen of the Black Coast, until the exploration of an ancient city and an encounter with the primordial creature that dwells within wreck havoc on the crew. Fun, exciting and the prose is candy for the eyes. It's everything I look for in a Conan story and it's a

Not my favorite of the Conan the Barbarian short stories I've now read, but excursions into the world that Robert E. Howard has created are always at the very least entertaining. Howard has a way with world building that is unparalleled, and wholly unexpected from a classic author of what is now con

Conan the Barbarian seeks to battle the Queen of the Black Coast named Bayleet. Will he be victorious in his conquest? Read on and find out for yourself.

I enjoyed the Dark Horse Comics Motion Comic of this short story on YouTube via Geek and Sundry's official YouTube channel with Vic Mignogna as Con

“I have known many gods. He who denies them is as blind as he who trusts them too deeply. I seek not beyond death. It may be the blackness averred by the Nemedian skeptics, or Crom's realm of ice and cloud, or the snowy plains and vaulted halls of the Nordheimer's Valhalla. I know not, nor do I care

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