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Henry Sydnor Harrison

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Book Excerpt: 
. . .While the demon screamed homicidally, reason coldly reminded the young man that not to save his life could he assassinate, or even hurt, Mr. Pat, and that the net result of another endeavor to do so would be merely a second mortifying atmospheric journey. Was it not unreasonable for a man, in a hopeless attempt to gratify irrational passion, to take a step the sole and certain consequences of which would be a humiliating soaring and curveting through the air?

It was a terrible struggle, the marks of which broke out on the young man's forehead in cold beads. But he was a rationalist among rationalists, and in the end his reason subdued his demon. Therefore, the little knot of linotypers and helpers who had stood wonderingly by while the two adversaries stared at each other, through a tense half-minute, now listened to the following dialogue:—

"I believe I said that I would give you a good thrashing. I now withdraw those words, for I find that I am una. . . Read More

Community Reviews

Mr. Queed is a very serious, proud, and socially awkward young man who moves to a southern state from New York City after receiving a written request from his father, whom he has never met. Queed rigorously devotes all his time to writing his magnum opus on evolutionary sociology. However, he avoids

I wish I could explain the appeal and charm of this odd little book. It's main character is Mr Queed, a social scientist wwith no soial skills at all. All he wants to do is to be left alone and write his brilliant book on the humna condition, something he knows nothing about. The author brilliantly

Fabulous! I had no idea what this book was about when I waded in. The long and short of it is a man called Mr Queed moves down from New York City to an un-named Southern State. He would like nothing better to sit in his room and write his Book about sociology and the brotherhood of man. But he's dis

This is a quite interesting period piece, and the first instance of a nerd I have found in American literature. Instead of writing computer software, young Mr. Queed is writing a sociology study. All he wants to do is eat, sleep, and write. But fate, and a vivacious young women named Charlie conspir

How fun - popular bestseller from 1911. Values reflect the assumptions and way of life of their time, but still, quite a good read.

This book was quite enjoyable. Published in 1911, it reflects societal norms of the time. It is also set in an unnamed city in the south 40 years after the Civil War and that is a little thread that runs through the story, but is certainly not the main story. I wanted to put this on my historical fi

I read the Burmese translation which is translated by late well known journalist U Win Htin. He mentioned this book as his bible.

I came across Queed via a hundred year old rant in the book Beyond Life by James Branch Cabell, where he, in the modern slag 'gatekeeps' literature by saying: "Not even the publishers need pretend nowadays that Queed was an important contribution to literature but this book was read by millions and

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