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Prior Analytics


Book Overview: 

Prior Analytics is the third of Aristotle's six texts on logic which are collectively known as the Organon ("Instrument"). In Prior Analytics Aristotle conducts a formal study of arguments. In logic an argument is a series of true or false statements which lead to a true or false conclusion. Aristotle identifies valid and invalid forms of arguments called syllogisms. A syllogism is an argument consisting of three sentences: two premises and a conclusion. Of the entire Aristotelian corpus, Aristotle gives priority to the study of his treatises on Logic.

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Community Reviews

Extremely difficult. I had to diagram the schematic. And these books laid down the laws of logic. It makes me realize how far modern man has fallen in education. The ancients put us to shame. Man, am I dumb.

This is a root of logic -- the place where Aristotle defines, explains and explores premise, term, and syllogism. It is here that he declares "A is A." He discusses the universal vs. the major and minor terms (logic based on absolute vs. subsets). He categorizes syllogisms as assertic, problematic,

If A is C then B is A then the moon is differently a whosit. That being said, whatsits are... Blah,blah,blah. Boring as hell not sure why he was made so popular. I have read Nichomachean Ethics, De Anima (earlier this year), politics, and metaphysics. I have yet to find one of his works to jump up a

In these works, Aristotle proclaims the syllogism to be the true mode of deductive inference. The Posterior Analytics is the greater pleasure, and still insightful; though, certainly, there is little logic to be gained from reading this, it is nonetheless a fascinating, and sometimes pitiable, look