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The Power House

John Buchan

Book Overview: 

The Power-House of the title is an international anarchist organization led by a rich Englishman named Andrew Lumley. Its plan to destroy Western civilization is thwarted by Leithen with the assistance of a burly Labour MP.

Recommended for fans of Dan Brown.

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Community Reviews

A good yet rather short suspense and adventure tale from Buchan...more

John Buchan wrote one of my favorite adventure thriller series featuring John Hannay, the first being The Thirty-Nine Steps. I've read a few of his other books, both fiction and non-fiction. He was a prolific writer. The Power-House as the first book in his Leithen quadrology and it was very enterta

A short story. One of the authors earliest novels much of the content feels like a dress rehearsal for his later work. A criminal mastermind behind a shadowy conspiracy to undermine the civilised world is thwarted by a decent member of society. The exact nature of the threat is never clarified but i

A short but effective novel. By all rights it shouldn't work but it does. That's Buchan's skill showing thru. There's nothing specific about the set-up. There's a bad guy, Lumley, with a plan to take over...what? I'm not sure. Either I didn't catch it or it wasn't spelled out. The same goes for 'how

Reading this book from John Buchan I thought to myself when a book evokes such a strong sense of deja-ious am I reading just a new version of an old story or in fact I am reading one of those rare books which sets the ground work for a more famous descendent.

Let me explain - I have been fan of 39 s

قصة ظريفة .... هى مثيل ل قصص شيرلوك هولمز ل ارثر كونان دويل ...فقط ذكاء اقل ..لا محادثات بين البطل و زميله ليفسر له ما حدث و ما سيحدث ...
للحظات فكرتنى ب فيلم باتمان حينما كان الفساد يضرب جهاز الشرطة فى المدينة كلها لدرجة انه لم يكن يعرف بمن يثق

اضحكتنى جدا جملة .. الضابط المسئول ب سكوتلانديارد حينما

Perhaps only 3½* for this fairly short adventure novel about a man who discovers a secret anarchist society in pre-WW1 London.

Reminiscent of Hitchcock: The Power House of the title is definitely a McGuffin as it really isn't at all clear what evil deeds its members are cooking up. But it's a good chase story.

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