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The Power of Concentration

Theron Q. Dumont

Book Overview: 

A series of twenty lessons designed to help develop and improve the power of concentration.

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Book Excerpt: 
. . ., just control yourself and speak slowly and clearly. Keep from either raising or lowering your voice and concentrate on the fact that you are determined to keep your poise, and you will improve your power of concentration.

When you meet people of some consequence, assume a reposeful attitude before them. Do this at all times. Watch both them and yourself. Static exercises develop the motor faculties and increase the power of concentration. If you feel yourself getting irritable, nervous or weak, stand squarely on your feet with your chest up and inhale deeply and you will see that your irritability will disappear and a silent calm will pass over you.

If you are in the habit of associating with nervous, irritable people, quit it until you grow strong in the power of concentration, because irritable, angry, fretful, dogmatic and disagreeable people will weaken what powers of resistance you have.

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Community Reviews

There are some excellent exercises presented in this book which can help anyone fine-tune levels of concentration and focus. My favorite was the one to choose an object in the room and to study every detail about it for 10 minutes, all the while never allowing the mind to wander from the study. Amon

It starts nice and well constructed, although racist and sexist, obviously. But then halfway through author starts blabbering about cosmic rays and arguing the infinite wisdom of God. That's pretty much where it goes to shit :) Interesting read to see how the self-help was done back in the day, but

Nice book!

This is an excellent read with wonderful exercises to increase your level of focus and concentration.

I’m known for my ability to do a hundred things at the same time & pushing boundaries. But doing that has required so much growth & discipline of me.

And even though I have achieved my goals this far exactly as planned - one shouldn’t really experiment with one’s health & well-being.

This book came to


Pretty neat book
-lots of good information that'll help you
-pushes forward the ideal of self reliance
-Lots of thoughts regarding why and how people fail and for what reasons
-author rambles a bit
-repeats a lot of stuff throughout the book

Overall it's a good book

الكتاب مفيد و لكنه يحتاج إلى تركيز عالي, يحوي على بعض التمارين العملية في فن التركيز وجدتها مفيدة إلى حدٍ ما...more

A short book, but it inholds lots of information about being positive, optimistic, successful and plainly happy. The focus is on concentrating on what you are actually doing every day. If your mind is not focused and you are not listening to what people are saying you aren't getting as much success

I really enjoyed this audio book. Looking forward to finishing the book book to take some notes and to underline those super cool quotes I heard.

I recognize that it was written during a time where the power of women may have been shunned and people were much more conservative. But I'm excited about

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