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Poor Richard's Almanack

Benjamin Franklin

Book Overview: 

A brief biographical sketch of Franklin's life, followed by a collection of 670 aphorisms, apothegms, or proverbs - short, pithy, instructive sayings - that were scattered throughout the pages of his Poor Richard's Almanack over its 25 years of once-a-year publication (1732-1758). Many of these sayings are familiar to all . . . "a penny saved is a penny earned" . . . "a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush" . . . but there are many more for you to laugh at, ponder over and learn from! Most were not invented by him, but these little gems of wisdom Franklin gleaned from all over the world are what made his Almanack so wildly popular, and himself a wealthy man.

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Community Reviews

I've heard this book referenced a lot in history classes, ever since I was in elementary school. I'm in college now and I got to read it....man am I not impressed. I thought it was supposed to be some great collection of advice for the colonial period. It's just a proverb collection! And many of the

مجموعة جميلة من فلسفات وقيم المفكر والعالِم الفيلسوف بنجامين فرانكلين، لا تزال موثقة حتى يومنا هذا.
تضم الرزنامة مواضیع متعددة ما بین أقوال وأمثال وحكم ونصائح، منها ما ھو خاص بفرانكلین نفسه وبعضها تعود أصولها إلى ثقافات وشعوب وكتب أخرى.  

استمتعت بالمقدمة الموجزة التي بدأها مؤمن الوزان بسيرة ذاتية خاط

I've got a thing for wisdom teachings, and in our twittering, flighty, foolish age, there's a real countercultural pleasure in principles that ground human action in a wry practicality.

Franklin's legendary collection of sayings, aphorisms, and poems? It floats my boat. It's not just that these pithy

Peruse the bookshelves at the museum shop of the Independence National Historical Park in Philadelphia, and you will no doubt see this edition of Poor Richard's Almanack. It is great fun reading 77 pages' worth of Benjamin Franklin's maxims for industry, thrift, humility, and cheerfulness -- maxims

2022-07-18 (update). Choicest morsels of wisdom, a favorite.

“Early to bed and early to rise, makes a man healthy, wealthy, and wise.” (Discipline, time management)

“Since thou art not sure of a Minute, throw not away an Hour.” (Time)

”You may delay, but time will not.” (Time)

“Have you somewhat to do t

The book's principles have aged surprisingly well, Human fallacies/heuristics probably will remain the same despite any technological leaps.

This is a wonderful collection of Benjamin Franklin's philosophies and values, in which his writing proves concise, sound and still relatable today. The maxims this details concern a variety of topics from humility to morality. I thoroughly enjoyed the brief introduction, by Andrew S. Trees, which t

Franklin wrote a yearly almanack with quotes and stories for each month under the pseudonym of Richard Saunders. Almanacks were popular in colonial America. They offered weather forecasts, advice for running a household, puzzles and witticisms. Franklin's almanacks are a funny satire on life in the

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