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Police Operation

H. Beam Piper

Book Overview: 

The first of the Paratime stories, Verkan Vall is investigating the death of Gavran Sarn, a First Level noble who was killed in an auto accident on a Fourth Level timeline which might well have been our own. Normally, nothing would have happened, but Gavran Sarn had brought a Venusian Nighthound with him, a vicious hunter which was killing farm animals in the vicinity. Verkan Vall hunts and kills the Nighthound and reports back to Tortha Karf, the Chief of the Paratime Police and they discuss Paratime.

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Book Excerpt: 
. . .ered for some ultra-velocity wildcat load."

The rifle passed from hand to hand; the three men examined it in turn, commenting admiringly.

"You find anything, Mr. Lee?" the sergeant asked, handing it back.

"Not a trace." The man called Lee slung the rifle and began to dump the ashes from his pipe. "I was along the top of this ridge for about a mile on either side of the gap, and down the other side as far as Hindman's Run; I didn't find any tracks, or any indication of where it had made a kill."

The game protector nodded, turning to Sergeant Haines.

"There's no use us going any farther," he said. "Ten to one, it followed that line of woods back of Strawmyer's, and crossed over[Pg 5] to the other ridge. I think our best bet would be the hollow at the head of Lowrie's Run. What do you think?"

The sergeant agreed. The man called Richard Lee began to refill his pipe methodically.

"I think I shall stay. . . Read More

Community Reviews

Police Operation / H. Beam Piper / Librovox reading by Mark Nelson

NOTE: It is exceedingly important to get the Mark Nelson reading if you're going audio. The text e-book has additional short blurbs not in the Librovox reading. (I did both)

********SPOILER ALERT***********
A time travel story. Beyond t

This is the second short story Piper published in his Paratime series. The first ("He Walked Around the Horses") appeared a few months earlier in 1948 and was just strange because of what it left out in background. This story had the background, so much background that it weighted down the story and

The story was fine, deserving of four stars. However the editing on the Kindle edition was terrible and made reading it difficult.

I totally love H. Beam Piper, I’m a die-hard, I also totally love the Paratime Police. Verkan Vall is one of his best characters. But this book, it just wasn’t Piper’s best. I mean, it laid down a lot of important groundwork for the Paratime Police, so it’s more informative than anything else. It ju

I forgive early SF for exposition through dialogue.
I find it harder to forgive the notion that human activity has zero effect on weather. (Even though the "butterfly effect" term wasn't coined till the 1970s.)

This is an enjoyable novellet. That said, I couldn't help assuming it was a companion to another series. After finishing the story, I discovered it was just that. The Paratime Police are a group of law enforces for parallel timeline jumpers.

In Police Operation, a traveller takes their cosmic space-

Good short story that's a little much to digest. It's only the second work in H. Beam Piper's Paratime series which is about an advanced society that possesses the ability to time travel between parallel universes with alternate histories. There are an infinite number of timelines, but they're group

This is a fun kind of tale - I like the explanations of the time travel and the parallel worlds - another short story example but this could be made into a good movie, or even if they take the concept and do it correctly, it would make for a decent TV show, though, not on FOX - then it would be a gr

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