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The Poison Belt

Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

Book Overview: 

Three years after the events that took place in The Lost World, Professor Challenger urgently summons his fellow explorers (Professor Summerlee, Lord John Roxton, and reporter E.D. Malone) to a meeting. Oddly, he requires each to bring an oxygen cylinder with him.

What he soon informs them is that from astronomical data and just-received telegraphs of strange accidents on the other side of the world, he has deduced that the Earth is starting to move through a region of space containing something poisonous to humankind.

Shutting themselves tightly up in Challenger’s house, they start to consider what may be done. But as their countrymen start to drop, will their oxygen last long enough to determine and implement a solution?

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Book Excerpt: 
. . . +---------------------------------------+

"No, it's not what you might call 'earty," said Austin, shaking his head and glancing up at the deplorable placard. "It wouldn't look well in a Christmas card. I beg your pardon, sir, for I haven't spoke as much as this for many a long year, but to-day my feelings seem to 'ave got the better of me. 'E can sack me till 'e's blue in the face, but I ain't going, and that's flat. I'm 'is man and 'e's my master, and so it will be, I expect, to the end of the chapter."

We had passed between the white posts of a gate and up a curving drive, lined with rhododendron bushes. Beyond stood a low brick house, picked out with white woodwork, very comfortable and pretty. Mrs. Challenger, a small, dainty, smiling figure, stood in the open doorway to welcome us.

"Well, my dear," said Challenger, bustling out of the car, "here are our visitors. It is something new for us to have visitors, i. . . Read More

Community Reviews


It fascinates me how my opinion of a book can significantly change during a re-read. I read THE POISON BELT back in high school, being a huge fan of the Sherlock Holmes canon and THE LOST WORLD. What I recalled most was thinking that THE POISON BELT was "okay," but I couldn't hide my disappointment.

This short story - less than 100 pages - forms the second of Conan Doyle's Professor Challenger series. We have the same cast of characters - Challenger, of course, Professor Summerlee, Lord John Roxton and Malone, the journalist who is our narrator. They are joined in this case by Challenger's wife

Oh, Sir Arthur...you sage, you luminary, you genius!! What a memorable, momentous achievement, my good chap! Simply stupendous!! It's just

A singularly superb accomplishment!!

Oh, forgive my loquaciousness, I don't mean to prattle on so (you certainly never would), but I just find it so spirited

What’s a proper English gentleman to do when faced with the end of the world? Why, commence tea time, of course, because nothing settles the spirit, mind, and body quite like a nice hot cup of Earl Grey with a dash of milk, no sugar, please, in the face of global destruction.

Professor Challenger, th

Το πρώτο διήγημα πολύ καλό, το δεύτερο...οκ...more

The story itself is less than 100 pages, so the plot description and the review itself will be short.
Professor Challenger discovered that the Earth will pass through the belt of poisonous ether (whatever that is).

Being a genius he was the only person who realized this and made some preparations. A

Liked it. I liked author's style. I also liked the character Professor Challenger, though he is arrogant. In fact, his arrogance is the reason of my liking. Also liked the story.

Първо продължение на любима история от детството.

До скоро дори бях в неведение, че историята за ексцентричния професор Челенджър от "Изгубеният свят" не е само една. Може би и за добро.

Но ето, от издателство "Сиела" са се понапънали и са издали на български "Отровният пръстен", не знам точно с как

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