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Poems Every Child Should Know

Mary E. Burt

Book Overview: 

This anthology of poetry contains such favorites as The Raven, My Shadow, and The Village Blacksmith, as well as many lovely poems that may be unfamiliar. Most of the poems in this collection are short enough for children to memorize.

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Book Excerpt: 
. . .A film the mother-eagle's eye
When her bruised eaglet breathes;
"You're wounded!" "Nay," the soldier's pride
Touched to the quick, he said:
"I'm killed, Sire!" And his chief beside,
Smiling the boy fell dead.

Robert Browning.

Robert of Lincoln.

"Robert of Lincoln," by William Cullen Bryant (1794-1878), is one of the finest bird poems ever written. It finds a place here because I have seen it used effectively as a memory gem in the Cook County Normal School (Colonel Parker's school), year after year, and because my own pupils invariably like to commit it to memory. With the child of six to the student of twenty years it stands a source of delight.

Merrily swinging on brier and weed,
Near to the nest of his little dame,
Over the mountain-side or mead,
Robert of Lincoln is telling his name.
Bob-o'-link, bob-o'-link,
Spink, spank, spink,
Snug and safe is t. . . Read More

Community Reviews

These are poems that children might have been familiar with (and/or learned for recitation) in the early 1900's. Most of the authors were familiar to me but very few of the poems did I hear in school, even 50 years ago. Good overview of poetry -- especially poems for boys up to that time. Read this

Exhaustive and a wonderful compilation , many of the poems included here were ones I read in my childhood , according it nostalgic partiality , but some new ones that I discovered like " The Arrow and the Song " - H.W. Longfellow , " How the Leaves came down "-Susan Coolidge , " The Violet"-Jane Tay

Eleanor and I started reading this when she was three. Maybe four. It's been on my goodreads currently reading shelf since 2011. Currently-reading. Since 2011. I'm writing this in 2022, just after her 15th birthday. There are books I never wanted to rush, because rushing them felt like rushing time

This is an interesting book. There is a wide array of poems in this book. There are poems for any age, from young children just getting started on poetry, to more complex and longer poems for older children. There is also a wide range of topics in the poems. They are from many different authors as w

4.5 stars & 5/10 hearts. These poems were very judiciously chosen. I enjoyed almost every single one, and some of my very favourite pieces of poetry are included in here, such as “The Lye,” “Elegy Written in a Country Churchyard,” “Old Ironsides,” “The Violet,” “The Flag of England,” “Casabianca,” a

I must mention that this is a century old book. First published in 1900s.

I read this with one sole purpose : to find good poems for my future children. And it did not dissapoint!

I found a good amount of poems that I highlighted and I re-write in a cute notebook with many pictures, so that I can read

So that my son will appreciate such poems...more

قصائد من الأدب الإنجليزي، قديمة في عمرها لكن متجدده في لسان كل الأطفال الذين يرددونها : )

# النجمة الخامسة لأن الكتاب احتوى القادة المذهلة العجيبة ً the raven

A truly good collection of poems; more hits than misses. Divided into several categories. What makes it different and better than most collections are the notes that precede nearly all the poems. This gives some context plus occasionally interesting trivia that makes the reader look forward to the p

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